In which book does Dumbledore ask Snape to kill him?

In which book does Dumbledore ask Snape to kill him?

He would have been happier killing himself. But the Unbreakable Vow made it easier for Dumbledore to con Snape into killing him. Dumbledore asked Snape to kill him so that Draco wouldn’t have to do so.

What did Dumbledore say to Snape before he died?

“You alone know whether it will harm your soul to help an old man avoid pain and humiliation,” said Dumbledore. “I ask this one, great favour to you, Severus, because death is coming for me as surely as the Chudley Cannons will finish bottom of this year’s league.

Did Dumbledore ask Snape to kill him?

After hearing this news, Dumbledore revealed to Snape that he knew about Voldemort’s plan to have Draco kill him. He also intended for Snape to be the one to kill him and for the Elder Wand to be buried with him, in order to prevent the wand from being passed on again.

What did Dumbledore say to Snape?

“But this is touching, Severus,” said Dumbledore seriously. “Have you grown to care for the boy, after all?” “For him?” shouted Snape. “Expecto Patronum!” From the tip of his wand burst the silver doe.

Did Voldemort know Snape loved Lily?

Voldemort confided in Snape because he weighed Snape’s corn in his own bushel and cheated himself. Voldemort didn’t know Snape loved Lily – he thought he just wanted her, the way you want a generous piece of pie or the very last cookie. He thought Snape wanted to possess her.

Did Lily and Snape ever date?

As much as people romanticize Snape’s infatuation with Lily, the fact that she did not love him back, at least in a romantic fashion, seems to go ignored by many fans of the series. The fact that Lily only ever saw Snape as a friend reveals a lot about his refusal to respect her boundaries.

Why did Lily and James get married?

This had to do with James’ hostile relationship with her best friend, Severus Snape and because of James’ bad habit of hexing innocent students just for the fun of it. After graduation, at only eighteen years old, James asked Lily to marry him and she accepted.

Can a muggle born be in Slytherin?

Muggle-born Slytherins exist, but are very rare, as noted insultingly by Scabior the Snatcher. There have also been definite examples of half-bloods sorted into the house, including Tom Riddle, Dolores Umbridge, and Severus Snape. Also, pure-bloods are not automatically placed in Slytherin.

Did Slytherin have Mudbloods?

nowadays you’ll find plenty of people in Slytherin house who have at least one Muggle parent. So that suggests half-bloods are allowed, but not Muggle-borns. That “at least” in the Pottermore line suggests that there are Slytherins with more than one muggle parent.

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