In which season is rabi crop is grown?

In which season is rabi crop is grown?

Rabi season: The Rabi cropping season is from October-March (winter). The rabi crops are sown around mid-November, preferably after the monsoon rains are over, and harvesting begins in April / May. The crops are grown either with rainwater that has percolated into the ground, or using irrigation.

In which season rabi crop is grown in India?

India has three cropping seasons — rabi, kharif and zaid. Rabi crops are sown in winter from October to December and harvested in summer from April to June. Some of the important rabi crops are wheat, barley, peas, gram and mustard.

When the Rabi crops are grown and harvested?

Rabi crops or rabi harvest are agricultural crops that are sown in winter and harvested in the spring in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The opposite of the rabi crop is the kharif crop which is grown after the rabi and zaid (zaa-id) crops are harvested one after another respectively.

In which state Rabi crops are grown?

States in India producing largest quantity of these crops are given below:

Crops States
Pulses (rabi) – Odisha, Madhya Pradesh
Ragi – Karnataka, Tamil Nadu
Rape seed and Mustard – Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan
Rice – West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh

What are 3 types of crops?

  • Food crops- Rice, Wheat, Millets, Maize and Pulses.
  • Cash crops- Sugarcane, Oilseeds, Horticulture crops, Tea, Coffee, Rubber, Cotton and Jute.

Which is Zaid crop?

Zaid crops are summer season crops . They grow in long time period mainly from March to June. These crops are mainly grown in the summer season during a period called the “Zaid crop season.” They require warm dry weather as major growth period and longer day length for flowering.

Is Sugarcane a Zaid crops?

Answer: Rice, Jowar, Bajra, Maize, Cotton, Groundnut, Jute, Sugarcane, Turmeric, Pulses (like Urad Dal) etc. Rabi Crops : Rabi Crops sown in October-November. Zaid Crops : Zaid Crops grown between March-June between Rabi and Kharif crop seasons.

Is Moong a Zaid crop?

Apart from wheat, moong, urad, sunflower and cuckerbits are the other seasonal crops of zaid season. All these crops require hot and humid weather conditions to flourish as they are very rapid growing crops as well. This is why they are sown in the time left between the main rabi and kharif seasons.

Is tea a kharif crop?


Where is Zaid crops grown in India?

Zaid crops are grown in the irrigated parts of the country like Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Tamil Nadu,Uttar Pradesh,Gujarat.

What are Zaid crops in India?

Main crops grown under Zaid

  • Muskmelon.
  • Water melon.
  • Pumpkin.
  • Cucumber.
  • Bitter gourd.
  • Sugarcane.
  • Sunflower.
  • Groundnut.

What are summer crops?

Summer vegetable crops include Snap Beans, Corn, Cucumbers, Celery (cold climates), Edamame, Eggplant, Muskmelons, Okra, Pumpkins, Sweet potato (needs long, hot, frost-free season), Tomatillo, Zucchini, Melons, Peppers, Tomatoes, and Squash.

What is Rabi kharif crop?

Cotton, groundnut, maize and rice are examples of Kharif crops. Barley, gram, peas and wheat are examples of Rabi crops. Term Origins/ Etymology. “Kharif” translates to “autumn season” in Arabic. “Rabi” translates to “spring season” in Arabic.

Which is not rabi crop?

Following are some of the examples of Rabi crops: Wheat, Barley, Oats. Pulses, Mustard, Linseed. Gram. So above descriptions show that maize is not Rabi crop and other ones are Rabi crops.

What is difference between Rabi and Kharif?

Rabi crops are sown at the end of monsoon or the beginning of winter. They are also known as winter crops. Kharif crops are sown at the beginning of the rainy season and are also known as monsoon crops.

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