Is a foreign marriage certificate valid in India?

Is a foreign marriage certificate valid in India?

Recognition of marriage solemnized under law of other countries. provisions similar to those contained in this Act, it may, by notification in the Official Gazette, declare that marriages solemnized under the law in force in such foreign country shall be recognized by courts in India as valid.

Is marriage certificate required for passport in India?

A marriage certificate is no longer required while applying for a passport (along with the annexure K) for a married individual. In addition, the applicant doesn’t have to provide his/her spouse name.

How can I add my spouse name in my passport without marriage certificate?

The list of documents that must be submitted in to order to add your spouse’s name on the passport is mentioned below:

  1. Original old passport.
  2. Photocopy of the first and last two pages of the passport.
  3. Page of observation (if any)
  4. ECR/Non-ECR Page.
  5. Validity of extension page, if any, in case of short validity passport.

How can I change my marital status in Indian passport after marriage?

To Change Marital Status on Passport After Marriage Document Code 8017: Old Passport in original with self attested photocopy of its first two and last pages, page of observation, ECR/non-ECR page. Along with this validity extension page, (if any), in case of short validity passport is also required.

Is it mandatory to change surname after marriage in Indian passport?

No Need To Change Name On Passport After Marriage, PM Narendra Modi Tells Women. Mumbai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today announced that women are free to retain their maiden names in their passports now after the marriage.

Does address on passport matter for visa?

The present address is endorsed in the passport, instead of permanent address. No. The address on the passport has no relevance in a visa appliction. Unless specifically asked for a residential address proof then you may provide additional documents for your current residence.

How can I change my address in Aadhar card without proof?

Aadhaar card update: Now you can change address without documents, check steps

  1. Click on ‘Update Address via Secret Code’ and enter the Aadhar of the verifier.
  2. The verifier will be required to click on the link he will receive and log in with his/her Aadhar and provide his/her permission.

How can I change my name in Aadhar card without proof?

Update Aadhar Address without Documents

  1. Initiating the request: Log in to the website of Aadhar using their Aadhar number and captcha.
  2. Receiving the consent of verifier:After clicking on ‘Request for Address Validation Letter,’ you would need to fill in the Aadhar number of the verifier.

How can I get Aadhar card without any documents?

Steps to Apply for Aadhaar Card without Documents

  1. Visit the Aadhaar Enrolment Centre in your area.
  2. Fill the Aadhaar Enrolment/Correction Form mentioning all details correctly.
  3. Get the form authenticated by an introducer who is identified and notified by the Registrar or Aadhaar regional offices.

How many times name can be changed in aadhar?

Here’s How You Can do it. You must remember that you can only update your name in an Aadhaar card twice in a lifetime. New Delhi: In today’s time, Aadhar card is an important document for every official work.

Is Aadhaar validation letter stopped?

According to the report, UIDAI has stopped the facility of updating addresses in the Aadhaar Card through the validation letter. As per the information given by UIDAI, the facility of address validation letter has been discontinued till further orders.

How can I know my Aadhar card issue?

Follow these steps to know when and where your Aadhaar was used:

  1. Go to Aadhaar authentication history page:
  2. Enter your Aadhaar number and the security code in the picture.
  3. Click on ‘Generate OTP’.
  4. You will receive an OTP on your mobile phone.

Is Aadhaar reprint discontinued?

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which is the central authority of Aadhaar, has decided to discontinue the Aadhaar Reprint service. The information was provided via the official Aadhaar Help Centre Twitter handle.

Is Aadhaar card a proof of identity?

This uniqueness property of Aadhaar allows it to act as a robust ID, hence, Aadhaar is accepted as Proof of Identity and Proof of Address for an Aadhaar Holder.

What is ID proof number in Aadhar card?

Download. Aadhaar is a 12 digit individual identification number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India on behalf of the Government of India. The number serves as a proof of identity and address, anywhere in India.

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