Is a high level brake light a legal requirement?

Is a high level brake light a legal requirement?

Registered. any bake light fitted must be working, if it doesnt light up it is a fail. However high level brake lights are treated as additional stop lamps – if it is disconnected it will not fail. the books says “Additional stop lamps fitted and connected must be tested.

What is high mounted brake light?

Center High Mounted Stop Lamps (CHMSL) have been standard equipment on all new passenger cars manufactured on and after September 1, 1985 for sale in the United States. CHMSL are red stop lamps mounted on the center line of the rear of a vehicle, generally higher than the stop lamps on the sides of that vehicle.

How does a high mounted brake light work?

Function. The third brake light is normally centered and placed higher than the two typical brake lights below that flank the vehicle. Adding this third light captures the line of sight of the drivers following the car, as opposed to the use of just two lights, making the braking reaction faster.

Why is there a 3rd brake light?

Also, called safety brake lamp or high-level brake lamp, the third brake light helps fellow drivers in knowing when you hit the brakes. It is useful when their view of the left and right brake lights is interrupted by other vehicles.

How do you remove the third brake light on a Jeep TJ?

Take off your spare, unplug the contacts from inside the Jeep (at the tailgate), remove the rubber gromet on the outside of the tailgate that the wires run through, feed the wires out of the tailgate, unscrew the 3rd brake light from the tire carrier. Done.

Why is my brake light on in my Jeep?

When a brake warning light turns on in your Jeep Wrangler, it means your car’s computer detected that something went wrong in your brake system. With the brake system being that important, it is recommended you don’t drive without checking some components to avoid the system failing.

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