Is a SBC an interference engine?

Is a SBC an interference engine?

From my knowledge the stock 350 is not an interference engine, so you should be ok. If you were at very high rpms or have an aftermarket cam shaft, then all bets are off. A higher lift cam could cause the valves to hit the pistons.

Is a Chevy 350 a small block?

Chevy 350 Engine Specs The Chevy 350 engine is a 350 cubic inch (5.7-liter) small block V8 with a 4.00 and 3.48 inch bore and stroke.

Can you turbo a stock Chevy 350?

OEM compression will work just fine with a turbocharger. Especially if it is an older low compression setup. As for the power level, it is definately debatable. I know guys that are running in the 600 HP range on bone stock parts.

How much horsepower can a stock 350 handle?

a typical 350 Chevy can make upwards of 350 – 375 HP before you exceed the reliability of the components. For a big block with the same stock components it can make in the area of about 400 to 475 or so HP and handle upwards of about 500 HP before you exceed the reliability of the stock cast pistons.

How much HP can a Vortec 350 handle?

A GMPP Vortec 350 crate motor is probably good to about 500hp while maintaining reasonable reliability. The turn-key package won’t get you that, you’ll need to change the pistons, heads, or use a power-adder to extract more power.

How can I make my 350 faster?

How to Get More Horsepower Out of My Chevy 350 Small Block

  1. Modify your air intake.
  2. Modify your exhaust.
  3. Change your camshafts and valve train.
  4. Purchase new cylinder heads, or have yours ported and polished.
  5. Have your motor rebuilt and blueprinted.

What is the best cam to put in a Chevy 350?

COMP Cams CL12-600-4 is the biggest cam for stock 350 and plays its role as the topper since 1976. This Chevy cam increases horsepower along with torque performance. It is the best cam kit for 350 small blocks as it performs efficiently for years without any hassle.

How much horsepower will Vortec heads add?

The original answer was related to modifying the heads to accept more valve lift. Our original answer combined the Chevrolet Hot cam with a set of these Vortec heads. Our estimate then and now is around 350-375 horsepower. Your question relates to porting the Vortec heads to improve the flow, which is a great idea.

What are the best Chevy 350 heads?

  1. Flotek 102505 Cylinder Head – Best Overall.
  2. Dart 127121 SHP – Best SBC Head for Torque.
  3. Edelbrock 5073 – Best Stock SBC Head.
  4. Edelbrock 5089 – Best SBC Head for Drag Racing.
  5. Edelbrock 5087 E-Series E-210 SBC – Premium.
  6. DNA Motoring CYLH-SBC-350 – Best Budget.
  7. Speedmaster PCE281.
  8. 350 Chevy Heads – Best and Worst.

How much does it cost to rebuild a 350 small block?

$600 to $3,500 depending upon how involved you want to get with the thing. Generally, for a “good” rebuild that doesn’t really get beyond ‘mild 350’ standards, you’re looking at about $1,600-2,500 depending upon location. A typical engine rebuild is between $2,500 and $4,000 in parts and labor costs.

How many hours does it take to rebuild a Chevy 350?

takes me about 32 hours to build and install a basic 350 if the heads are already put together. Goes up to about 40 hours for a basic 383 and maybe 48+ if I have to put the heads together, especially if there is any exotic/unusual valvetrain stuff.

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