Is Aquarion Evol a remake?

Is Aquarion Evol a remake?

Aquarion Evol (アクエリオンEVOL, Akuerion Evoru) is the sequel to the 2005 anime series Genesis of Aquarion. The story is set in the same universe as the original Genesis of Aquarion, and takes place twelve thousand years after.

Who does Mikono end up with?

Kagura Demuri In the end, while she was attracted to Kagura, she is full in love with Amata.

Who is Kagura in Aquarion Evol?

Kagura Demuri (カグラ・デムリ, Kagura Demuri) is one of the main protagonists of Aquarion EVOL. He is the pilot of Gnis, a citizen of Altair, an Element User and an abductor. It was revealed in episode 23 that he is the reincarnation of Apollo along with Amata Sora.

Is Aquarion logos a sequel?

Aquarion Logos (アクエリオン・ロゴス, Akuerion rogosu) is a currently airing anime series produced by Satelight, and it is the third series in the Aquarion franchise, after Genesis of Aquarion and Aquarion EVOL. This series follows an entirely new storyline, unrelated to the previous series in the franchise.

Who is the main protagonist of Aquarion logos?


Is Aquarion logos worth watching?

Aquarion is never about serious plots, you don’t watch it for the serious plot, you watch it for the silly character interaction and silly attacks. Anyway, Logos has a pretty silly premise, not a great plot so far, but it’s very interesting, especially with all the links to the words and whatnot.

Who is Amata’s father?

Amata Izumo

Is there romance in Aquarion Evol?

While anyone could merge with anyone in the previous series, the academy in EVOL has separated men and women and prohibited inter-gender merging. To make matters more complicated for the youthful Elements, romance is completely forbidden.

Does Apollo die in Aquarion?

Eventually, it is revealed he carries only a part of Apollonius’ reincarnated soul. Following the collapse of the Tree of Life, Apollo bravely chooses to sacrifice himself, along with Sirius and Toma to restore the world.

Who is the real solar wing?

Apollonius —

Is it wrong to pick up Dungeon Wiki Apollo?

Apollo is a tall handsome man with blonde hair that looked as if sunlight had been condensed together with bright and wavy locks gliding over one another and a smile described as equally brilliant. In the anime, his hair is colored scarlet red. He also wears a green laurel wreath on his head.

Who is the reincarnation of solar wing?

Silvia’s older brother, he is passionate on the concepts of aesthetics and perfection. A skilled swordsman, many DEAVA members, including Sirius, believed he was the true reincarnation of the “Solar Wing,” thus Sirius despises Apollo when he enters the organization.

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