Is Big Bazar getting closed?

Is Big Bazar getting closed?

We lost Rs 300-350 cr in business. Then, we created Big Bazaar Direct and we are officially closing it in next one week. We lost there as well,” Kishore Biyani said in a statement. Biyani launched Big Bazaar Direct in 2013 with 1000 franchises.

Does Bigbazaar sell online?

Does Big Bazaar have online shopping? Yes, Big Bazaar recently started its online shop at Here you can shop & get the online delivery of your products to your doorstep.

Is there any app for Big Bazaar?

Big Bazaar app size 22M and can be installed on any Android device running version 4.2 and up….THE EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS OF BIG BAZAAR APP.

Apps Name Big Bazaar
Apps Developed Future Group India Shopping
Current Version 1.1
Total Installs 10,000+
Apps Size 22M

What is the offer in Big Bazaar?

Today’s Top Big Bazaar Coupon Code and Promo Codes for Jul 2021

Big Bazaar Coupons and Promo Offers Big Bazaar Coupons and Promo Code Offer Details Big Bazaar Coupons
Big Bazaar Promo Code Offers Get up to 20% Off on Daily Essentials Up to 20%
Bigbazaar Coupons Code Offers Get up to 50% Off on FBB Fashion Up to 50%

Is Big Bazaar good for clothes?

Very Good Products in Big Bazaar – Delhi The Big Bazaar in Delhi is very good and excellent providing quality and reliability product to their customers. It also offer the big bazaar amazing discounts. The store contains all grocery items, kitchen items, clothing, hand looms and everything you requires in your life.

What benefits does Big Bazaar offer?

The main advantages of Big Bazaar are the innovative sales and promotions, huge variety of products in every store locations, large number of stores around India, and cheap price. There are some disadvantages also.

How can I check my balance in Big Bazaar?

You can also visit any Big Bazaar store and enquire a cashier to check the balance for you….Check Your Big Bazaar Gift Card Balance.

Big Bazaar Balance Check:
Phone: 18002662255
Online: Check Balance Online
Shop At: Big Bazaar

What is Big Bazaar profit club card?

Big Bazaar Profit Club is an innovative Loyalty Program introduced by Big Bazaar that has been changing the way we shop today. A Profit Club member can pay Rs. 10,000 and can shop for Rs. 1000 per month for the next 12 months i.e. Rs.

How do I redeem my big bazaar card?

To redeem the gift voucher, please use the “GC ID/Card number and “PIN/Voucher Code” mentioned above. This Gift voucher can be redeemed at all Big Bazaar/Food Bazaar/[email protected] Bazaar /FBB stores across India. This Gift voucher has to be redeemed in full and partial redemption is not allowed.

How do I get big bazaar vouchers?

How to Buy/Redeem Big Bazaar vouchers from Zingoy?

  1. You can buy Big Bazaar e-gift voucher at discount from Zingoy. The discount is in the form of cashback.
  2. The Big Bazaar vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or cheque, but you can sell them for cash on Zingoy, following the above-given steps.

Can we use Big Bazaar coupons online?

Can I use Big Bazaar Gift Card Online? The coupon code of Big Bazaar is applicable is only to physical stores. It is not applicable to the e-commerce stores by the Future Group.

How can I add money to my future pay?

Loading money into your Future Pay wallet using the app is easy and convenient.

  1. On your app, select the wallet you want to load money on (Big Bazaar/ Central/ Brand Factory/ Easyday)
  2. Tap on “Add Money”.
  3. Enter the amount to be loaded.
  4. Tap on “Add Now”.
  5. Select your preferred mode of payment.

Where can I use future pay?

Customers can shop using Future Pay at over 1500 Future Group stores including Big Bazaar, fbb, Ezone, HyperCity, Central, Easyday Club, Heritage Fresh, Foodhall, Nilgiris, Brand Factory and aLL stores.

How can I get free money from future pay?

How to avail Future Pay Free Cash Offer

  1. Download the Future Pay app.
  2. Register as a new user.
  3. Login with your Credentials.
  4. Check your wallet balance.
  5. Congratulations, you have 101 credited Free Cash in your wallet!

What is future pay?

A: FuturePay is a simple, safe and convenient payment option that lets you pay for your purchases in flexible monthly payments. With FuturePay you can buy now and pay later. Applying for a FuturePay account takes seconds – simply choose FuturePay when you check out. Q: Are there any fees?

How do I track my future pay?

Enter order tracking number of Future Pay, India Just enter your Future Pay order tracking number to track your Future Pay product shipments with real-time updates.

What other apps are like Quadpay?

Top Alternatives to Quadpay

  • Sezzle.
  • Affirm.
  • PayPal.
  • Splitit.
  • Klarna.
  • Afterpay.
  • GoCardless.
  • PayPal Credit.

What is the use of future pay app?

What is Future Pay. It is India’s most convenient digital wallet to shop across Future Group outlets such as Big Bazaar, Brand Factory, Central, fbb, Food Bazaar & Ezone. It also allows you to manage all your loyalty accounts at your fingertips.

How do I redeem future pay wallet balance?


  1. Visit Future Group stores such as Big Bazaar, Ezone and Home Town.
  2. Shop as you do normally.
  3. While making payment inform cashier, you will pay by Future Pay Wallet Balance.
  4. Give Cashier your registered Future Pay Wallet Number.

What is future pay cashback?

Future Pay Is Offering Great Cashback Offer Where Users Can Get Rs 1000 Cashback On Purchase Of Rs 1500 Or above. With Future Pay Now, You Can Avail Great Offers On Big Bazaar Shopping. Users Can Use Wallet Money For Shopping across Future Group stores such as Big Bazaar, Ezone, and Home Town.

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