Is enlightened one a good class?

Is enlightened one a good class?

It’s the only way to punch people and use magic at the same time without being a Commoner/Noble so it’s a great class in my book. It’s honestly a bit mediocre. High base stats, but worse growths than the other classes, and honestly Byleth being able to cast magic is totally irrelevant on existing difficulties.

What is the best class for Byleth?

Wyvern Lord

Can Byleth be any class?

Yes, Byleth can be any class (as long as they’re the right gender) except the lords’ unique classes and dancer.

Can Byleth be a mage?

He can’t reach Lys levels, but he’s a perfectly serviceable Mage.

What class should Dimitri be?

Paladin is a great class for him, but unless there are important secondary objectives to get, Dimitri isn’t in need of more movement.

Is Byleth a good mage?

The answer is no. But Byleth can be somewhat mediocre mage. Byleth is basically like trying to make Sylvain a mage, not worth it but the possibility is there and it can work if you do it for some reason.

What magic does Byleth?

1) Byleth

Character Skill Level Faith Spells
Byleth D Heal
D+ Nosferatu
C Recover

What is the best class in Fire Emblem three houses?

Fire Emblem Three Houses: 10 Best Classes To Use In Maddening Mode

  1. 1 Barbarossa. Like the Dimitri-exclusive Great Lord class, the Barbarossa is a class that is only useable by Claude within the Verdant Wind route.
  2. 2 Wyvern Lord.
  3. 3 Great Lord.
  4. 4 Death Knight.
  5. 5 Dancer.
  6. 6 Gremory.
  7. 7 Sniper and Bow Knight.
  8. 8 War Master.

What class is Byleth?

Anyway, the general best classes for Byleth seem to be Enlightened One, Wyvern Lord, Falcon Knight, War Master, or Assassin. Leonie was likely going to be a Bow Knight and Ignatz was going Assassin.

Is Rhea Byleth’s mom?

Rhea is not Byleth’s mom and her clone is not related to Rhea or else Byleth would inherit that crest. Rhea is only related to Byleth through Sothis.

Which Byleth is canon?

With Byleth canon husband being Seteth. Both of them are canon,but most people tend to like F Byleth more, so they claim that she is the “canon”,but personally I think it comes to which design you think it fits better with the backstory and personality of Byleth, M Byleth in my opinion.

What is the best class for Petra?

Best Class For Petra

  • Archer. Sword. Bow.
  • Swordmaster. Sword.
  • Assassin. Sword. Bow.
  • Fortress Knight. Lance. Axe. Hvy Armor.
  • Wyvern Rider. Axe. Flying.
  • Warrior. Axe.
  • Sniper. Bow.
  • Wyvern Lord. Lance. Axe. Flying.

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