Is it compulsory to add spouse name in Indian passport?

Is it compulsory to add spouse name in Indian passport?

“The Passport application form does not require the applicant to provide the name of her/his spouse in case of separated or divorced persons. Such applicants for passports would not be required to provide even the Divorce Decree.”

Do I need to update my passport after getting married?

Do I need to get a new passport if my name has changed due to marriage? Answer: American citizens are required to travel with a passport that has their current legal name. If your name changed due to marriage then you need to apply for a passport name change before you travel.

How can I change my CKGS passport details?

On the CKGS website , an applicant can quickly fill in the CKGS Temporary ID / Web Reference Number to modify their application. The Temporary ID / Web Reference Number will be sent to them via the [email protected] email ID.

Can you cross out a mistake on a passport application form?

Please do not use correction fluid or similar products on a passport application form as it will invalidate that section of the form and you will have to complete another form. Instead, just cross out the incorrect information and sign next to it.

What if I made a mistake on my passport application online?

Error to be resolved by personal visit to the issuing office The examiner who originally authorised the issue of the passport should rectify the error if they are in the office. If they are not available, their line manager should arrange for someone else to deal with it.

What do I do if I make a mistake on my passport?

Correct a Data or Printing Error can be corrected at no charge if the passport is still valid. To correct a data or printing error: Complete Form DS-5504. Submit form by mail with your passport, one color photo, and evidence of the error (e.g. your U.S. birth certificate showing the correct spelling of your last name).

How do I correct a mistake on my passport application?

You can’t modify after submission on your own but it is an easy process. Once you visit PSK you can make a request to edit details, produce supporting documents in lieu of that otherwise if payment is not done fill a new form with accurate details. After making payment the only way you have is concerned PSK or RPO.

Do police call passport verification?

In most cases, the police verification is done after the applicant has submitted the form and all related required documents, annexures, etc. If the information is accurate, the police station notifies the passport office who in turn issues the passport to the applicant.

Can I apply passport with temporary address?

This is irrespective of the applicant’s permanent residential address. For example, if a person is a permanent resident of Delhi but is temporarily living in Kolkata, he can apply for passport at a PSK/POPSK under RPO, Kolkata, and won’t have to go to Delhi to apply for passport. 2.

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