Is it legal to sharpen golf grooves?

Is it legal to sharpen golf grooves?

The rules of golf state that grooves must be no more than 0.035 inches wide, 0.020 inches deep and 0.075 inches from any adjacent grooves. If you play competitively, using a groove sharpener could make your clubs non-conforming and illegal for competition. As the grind changes, so does the performance of the club.

Can you sharpen wedges?

Tips On Using A Wedge Groove Sharpener With wedges, you will notice an even more drastic change in spin and accuracy when sharpening grooves. Use a good quality sharpener that fits the grooves of your wedge correctly. Don’t overdo it, and make sure you’re simply sharpening edges and not increasing the grooves’ width.

Do raw face wedges spin more?

After a little google research and testing different wedge finishes, I found that RAW, rusted wedges do not increase the spin of your golf shots and can actually produce the same and often less spin than a finished, chrome plated wedge.

Do pros use rusted wedges?

Rusty wedges appear in many a tour pro’s bag. Rusty wedges have a reputation for spinning shots mor than shiny ones, yet there’s never really been any firm proof to support the idea. To find out the truth, we put a rusty Cleveland RTX-3 golf wedge up against a Tour Satin version.

Do Rusty wedges spin more?

TaylorMade says, and it has been a commonly held theory for a while, that raw wedges that go rusty will spin more and feel softer over time. They should also reduce sun glare and preserve the geometry of the grooves for longer-lasting spin.

Can you keep raw wedges from rusting?

@328345 You can protect the back of the wedge by taking a soft rag with a bit of sewing machine oil. Wipe it on and it will put a thin protective film on it. Of course you can’t use it on the face but the rust actually helps grab the ball.

How often should I change my wedges?

every 12-36 months

Should you clean raw wedges?

So basically clean them as I normally clean my clubs during and after a round? Sure, but the more meticulous you are about drying them completely, the slower it’ll take them to patina up nicely. All I do is clean the grooves, and leave them be, water is essential for rust.

Why do Vokey wedges rust?

The Titleist Vokey Design SM8 wedges are available in four finishes: Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel, Jet Black and Raw finish. The Jet Black will rust as the dark finish wears, while the Raw wedges will rust more quickly with exposure to air and moisture.

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