Is it OK to send a second follow up email after an interview?

Is it OK to send a second follow up email after an interview?

If you want to follow up, give it time between each one – maybe two weeks. Just know that too many too often can actually hurt you! So by all means send a thank you note right away. And you can politely follow up once or twice.

Should I do a second follow up after an interview?

Companies want to hire candidates that will give 110% and remain committed to the company. They’re trying to avoid candidates that want the job just because they need to pay the bills. Use the 2nd follow-up email as another opportunity to demonstrate your passion.

How do I send a second follow up email?

5 tips for following up for the second time after an interview

  1. Be polite and professional.
  2. Send it the same person you sent it to the first time.
  3. Keep it short.
  4. Follow the 3×3 rule.
  5. If they asked you not to follow up, then don’t.

How many follow up emails to send after interview?


Is it bad if an interview ends early?

Short interviews with good signs You can tell a lot in about 30 minutes, even if you need more than that to make a final decision. So short interviews aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Then again … sometimes a short interview is simply because we know right away, for any number of reasons, that it’s a bad match.

Does a short interview mean you didn’t get the job?

The Interview Ran Really, Really Short Sometimes interviews are short because everyone in the room has all the information they need. And often times, when everyone’s on the same page this quickly, it means you did a pretty good job. So if an interviewer seemingly cuts a meeting short with you, don’t panic.

How do you respond to interview rejection?

Thank the hiring manager for letting you know their decision. Express your gratitude for their time and consideration. You can directly mention contact you’ve had with them, like a phone or in-person interview. Tell them you appreciate the opportunity to learn about the company.

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