Is Jin 28 years old?

Is Jin 28 years old?

Jin is the oldest member of BTS at 28 years old. His birthday is December 4, 1992. Suga is 28 years old – his birthday is March 9, 1993. V is 25 years old – his birthday is December 30, 1995.

Is Jin 29 years old?

On December 4th 2020, Jin is turning twenty nine years-old, which makes him the oldest member of BTS.

How old is Jin going to be this year?

1. BTS Age, How Old Are BTS Members?

BTS Members Name BTS Members Age 2021 BTS Members Birthday
Jin 28 Years Old December 4, 1992
Suga 27 Years Old March 9, 1993
J-Hope 26 Years Old February 18, 1994
RM 26 Years Old September 12, 1994

Is Jin from BTS from a rich family?

For a long time, people have been suspecting about Jin (BTS) because of his prince-like visual. According to The Star, Jin’s father is a very famous CEO with a handsome appearance and Jin’s family is a wealthy clan in Korea.

Who in BTS was poor?

– Suga came from a poor family, he works part-jobs to pay bills, would starve himself with no money to eat. – Jhope dedicated his solo MAMA to his mother because he thinks at some point, he has disappointed his mom.

Is Jin’s dad Rich?

Is Jin from a rich family? As per reports, Jin’s father is a very famous CEO and his family is considered among the wealthy clans in Korea. Kim has an older brother, Kim Seok-jung. Kim Seok-jung runs a business with Jin and is the CEO of the restaurant called Ossu Seiromushi which has two branches.

Is Jin’s father the CEO of Samsung?

No, Jin’s father is not the CEO of Samsung However, when it comes to the executives behind Samsung, the South Korea-based company, none of them are confirmed to be Jin’s father.

Is Jin’s father a CEO?

Well, I think most of you know but for those who doesn’t, this fact has been revealed two days ago (something like that), the fact that Jin’s father is a CEO(the head of the company). To be exact, a CEO famous for his good looks.

Who is the richest in BTS before debut?

J-Hope. With an estimated net worth of $22 million, J-Hope is unofficially deemed the richest BTS member so far.

Who is most rich in BTS?


Who is Jimin’s celebrity crush?

actor Rachel McAdams

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