Is Lee brand a Republican?

Is Lee brand a Republican?

Republican Party

Who ran for mayor of Fresno CA?

2020 Fresno mayoral election

Candidate Jerry Dyer Andrew Janz
Party Nonpartisan Nonpartisan
Popular vote 50,914 39,430
Percentage 51.6% 39.9%

How bad is Fresno California?

The Central Valley’s biggest city has sometimes gotten a bad rap from outsiders. True, Fresno has issues: unemployment is high (about 10.5 percent), the summers are scorching hot and air pollution often gets nasty. But to many residents, the problems are no worse than those of other California cities.

Is Fresno California a nice place to live?

Its the town not the community. Fresno is a great place to live and work. With Clovis Unified Schools and plenty of shopping areas, there is something good for everyone. Fresno has lots of local businesses and eateries and a large variety of Taco Truck food options from traditional tacos to Soul Food and Ramen.

What parts of Fresno are bad?

The west side of fresno is considered to be the worst. The best neighborhood is considered to be anywhere near Clovis. The fig garden area is also good. In terms of schools, the area near Bullard high is seen as the best.

Why is Fresno dangerous?

Yes, just like any big city it has its good areas and bad areas. Unfortunately, because of its centralized location in California, it’s got a particularly high crime rate, with lots of drug trafficking and gangs. This of course brings higher rates of shootings and burglaries.

Is Fresno California safe to live?

High crime rate There is the highest concentration of young people who have no money to earn their living. This and many other reasons make Fresno a dangerous city. The number of violent crimes is 565 per 100,000 residents, while the number of property crimes is 3,841 – almost 40% higher than the national average one.

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