Is Matt Hayden married?

Is Matt Hayden married?

Kellie Hayden

Who opens Matthew Hayden?

Their record isn’t fantastic however, scoring 646 runs at an average of 38. Matthew Hayden and Simon Katich also opened together 17 times for an even poorer record, scoring just 557 runs at 34.81 together in the latter stages of Hayden’s Test career.

Why did Matthew Hayden retire?

Hayden said he wanted to concentrate on charity work – both in helping find Australia’s next Aboriginal cricketer, and supporting the McGrath Foundation – as well as to pursue his other passions such as cooking, fishing and boating. “Importantly for me today I’m retiring from cricket but not from life,” he said.

What school did Matthew Hayden attend?

Marist CollegeMarist College Ashgrove

What does Matthew Hayden do now?

Cricketing legend Matthew Hayden has opened up on his latest career change becoming a diplomat appointed by Australia’s Foreign Minister. He’s been tasked with trying to dispatch bouncers currently being bowled at our economy from China by creating new business opportunities in cricket-mad India.

Who is Adam Gilchrist wife?

Melinda Gilchrist

Was Adam Gilchrist an opener?

Adam Gilchrist and Matthew Hayden Hayden was an opener by trade, but Gilchrist—a wicketkeeper-batsman—was promoted to the top of the order in 50-over cricket.

What bat did Adam Gilchrist use?


Who is the best wicketkeeper in the world?


  • Brad Haddin. We must say that Brad Haddin did prove his worth that he could have been way more than just a backup wicketkeeper.
  • Brendon McCullum.
  • Rod Marsh.
  • Moin Khan.
  • Jeff Dujon.
  • Ian Healy.
  • Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
  • Kumar Sangakkara.

Is Adam Gilchrist left handed?

Former Australian cricketer Adam Gilchrist was one of the most explosive left-handed wicketkeeping batsmen of his generation. He was an integral part of the “Golden Era” of the Australian cricket team and played a significant role in the three World Cups, which were won between 1999 and 2007.

Is Adam Gilchrist religious?

1. Gilly and Church : Gilchrist is nicknamed either Gilly or Church (or sometimes its variation Churchy ). While ‘Gilly’ comes from his surname, the ‘Churchy’ originates from the fact he is a disciplined and religious Christian who attends Church quite often.

What is Adam Gilchrist nickname?


What school did Adam Gilchrist go to?

Kadina High School

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