Is phone allowed in Panimalar hostel?

Is phone allowed in Panimalar hostel?

In the Rules and Regulations page of PIT website, they have clearly specified that use of Mobile phones inside college campus, hostel and colege bus is strictly prohibited ( If found, it won’t be returned to you and necessary actionj will be taken.

Is phone allowed in national engineering college?

Usage of mobile phones is not permitted inside the library. Laptop computers are allowed inside the library for reference work. Underlining, scribbling and or tearing of pages or any other type of mutilation of books and Journals etc.., mishandling or misuse of computers will be punishable.

Is Mobile allowed in Saveetha engineering college?

In most of the private colleges in Chennai, smartphones are allowed to use inside the hostel/dorms. But not allowed to use inside the college/during class or lectures.

Is phone allowed in Rajalakshmi Engineering College?

Yes, surely you can bring mobile phones to Rajalakshmi engineering college. Because in any engineering college, it is very important to have mobiles and laptops, you need it for daily to daily basis. for example- getting whatsapp notification from your class group etc. It will also be required for viewing results etc.

Which college is best for engineering in Chennai?

Top Engineering Colleges in Chennai (Based on NIRF Ranking)

Name of the college NIRF Ranking
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras 1
Anna University, Chennai 14
Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai 51
BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai 123

Is rec a good college?

Placements: REC is one among the top engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu which holds the highest placement record every year. There is a dedicated placement cell which works endlessly in all possible ways to train students for placements and still invites all top companies for recruitment.

Which is better rajalakshmi or Panimalar?

According to the placement record, Panimalar Engineering College is better than Rajalakshmi Engineering College in the CSE department.

Which is best SRM easwari or rajalakshmi?

Rajalakshmi colkeges is decent because placements are more than 75% and teaching is very good, ranking wise its much ahead to Easwari college for MBA. Henece Easwari should be preferred otion.

Is rajalakshmi strict?

All the faculty members are strict and kind also. During the time of exams, they are became so serious and strict.At that time if any student miss class for any false reason they are punished. Class tests conducted very frequently to get know about our preparations.

Is Panimalar a good college?

Panimalar college is one of the well known college around TN The quality of placement in the college is very good. The eligible are more likely to get job. The highest salary package is 6 LPA.

Is rajalakshmi a good college?

Rajalakshmi engineering college is the one of best college in Tamil Nadu regarding placement, infrastructure, good faculty, extracurricular activities, more and more.

How is rec college Quora?

Getting employed purely depends upon the skills and performance of the students. But, if you are looking for a place that helps you develop the required skills to make you employable, REC is the place to go. Several personality development sessions and Value added programs are hosted by the college.

Is Rajalakshmi Engineering College strict Quora?

Rajalakshmi engineering college is not a strictly rules, identity card mustly in your neck at 3pm only, College camp’s fully wifi, but wifi using at after 3pm only. Maintain attendance percentage above 75%. Pass in unit test so that no need to attend any special classes.

Is rajalakshmi college Tier 1?


Is Rec and NIT same?

In 2003, the Seventeen erstwhile Regional Engineering Colleges (RECs) were rechristened as National Institute of Technology (NITs) and taken over as fully funded institutes of the Central Government and granted deemed university status.

Who is the owner of Rajalakshmi Engineering College?

Thiru. S. Meganathan

What are autonomous colleges?

Autonomous colleges are affiliated to/recognized by any Government body or university but follow their own regulations/curriculum/syllabus/examination pattern/grade system for their academic courses instead of following the university’s syllabus.

Is autonomous degree valid?

Under our Constitution, only the universities and Institutions of National Importance created through an Act of Parliament or state legislature or a deemed university created under the UGC Act can grant degrees. These autonomous colleges, therefore, cannot grant degrees unless it’s done through the legislative process.

Which college is best autonomous or university?

Autonomous colleges are best because the decisions that a college will be solely upon head of the college rather than asking the affliated heads whether the decision is right or wrong. Government college don’t take admission through management .

What are the advantages of autonomous colleges?

Autonomous colleges are free to make use of the expertise of university departments and other institutions to frame their curricula, devise methods of teaching, examination and evaluation. They can recruit their teachers according to the existing procedures (for private and government colleges).

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