Is Puerto Rico bilingual?

Is Puerto Rico bilingual?

Puerto Rico has about the same proportion of bilinguals as the mainland United States, roughly 20%. However, English words are more widely used by Spanish speakers in Puerto Rico than in Spain or in Mexico City, according to a study conducted by linguist Humberto Lopez Morales.

What is the main language in Puerto Rico?


What language is taught in Puerto Rican schools?


What language did Puerto Rico speak before Spanish?

Taino language was the widely spoken language before Spanish occupation. The language was however declared extinct in the 19th century. Elements of the language, however, exist in the unique Spanish dialect of Puerto Ricans.

How do you say hello in Taino?

translations hello

  1. kau. sindari.
  2. mabuika. sindari.
  3. ta’kahi. sindari.

What is the name of the Tainos God?


What is the Taino word for moon?

Taino Word Set

English (Français) Taino words
Woman (Femme) Inaru
Dog (Chien) Aon
Sun (Soleil) Guey
Moon (Lune) Karaya

Is Jamaica a Taino word?

Place names – Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba One formerly English, one French and one Spanish Island which today still speak their respective European languages actually have Taino names: Xamaika for Jamaica; Ayti for Haiti; and Cubao for Cuba.

Who enslaved the Arawaks?

The indigenous Arawaks peacefully inhabited the island for centuries until the Spanish established control in the 1500s. This invasion was the catalyst for many years of injustice to come. The once self-sufficient Arawaks became slaves under Spanish authority.

How were the Arawaks treated?

When Arawaks began to resist in large numbers, the Spanish easily defeated them with their superior weaponry. Prisoners were hanged or burned to death. In desperation, many Arawaks began to commit suicide, and some mothers even killed their own children in desperation. Those who ran away were hunted down and killed.

What language did the Arawaks speak?


Is Garifuna a language?

Garifuna (Karif) is a minority language widely spoken in villages of Garifuna people in the western part of the northern coast of Central America.

When did the Tainos arrived in Puerto Rico?

The first inhabitants of Puerto Rico were hunter-gatherers who reached the island more than 1,000 years before the arrival of the Spanish. Arawak Indians, who developed the Taino culture, had also settled there by 1000 ce.

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