Is Shiva mentioned in the Vedas?

Is Shiva mentioned in the Vedas?

Shiva is a later addition to the Vedas Further, Kapardin is used as an epithet for Rudra but was later on (in the course of future appropriation by Vedics) also used for Shiva

Who is the supreme god in Vedas?

Lord Shiva

Is Krishna more powerful than Shiva?

As per hindu mythology, shiva is only the God The rest of the Gods described, are his other avatars About comparing lord shiva and lord krishna/ vishnu , None is more powerful as how one can be more powerful or less powerful than himself

Who is the highest god in Hinduism?

Param Brahma

Who is the real God in world?

In Christianity, the doctrine of the Trinity describes God as one God in three divine Persons (each of the three Persons is God himself) The Most Holy Trinity comprises God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit

Who is the powerful god in world?

Why did Shiva cut his wife in 52 pieces?

Invoking a sacrificial fire, Goddess Sati sacrificed herself Lord Shiva was furious after learning about Sati’s death Lord Vishnu used his sudarshan chakra (a celestial weapon) to cut Sati’s body to pieces, which fell on earth The total number of body pieces were 52, and they fell on 52 different places

Did Lord Shiva get periods?

She told us a story that when Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati were young, it was the men that would get their periods and bleed from their armpits, but one day when Shiva had to go and on a war, he couldn’t so Parvati being the eternal best wife that she is told Shiva that being a woman she can hide the blood in between

Why is kartikeya unmarried?

Son of Lord Shiva would only be as strong as Lord Shiva Hence, he would not have a son without a wife However, it is believed that Lord Murugan manifested for the sole purpose of killing Tarakasura Tarakasura knew very well that Lord Shiva was an ascetic and he thought he would not marry or have children

Did Shiva have a daughter?

Ashokasundari (Sanskrit: अशोकसुन्दरी, Aśokasundarī) is a Hindu goddess and daughter of the deities Shiva and Parvati She is referenced in the Padma Purana, which narrates her story The goddess is mostly venerated in South India in the form of Bala Tripurasundari

Why we pour milk on shivling?

It is believed that Lord Shiva is the happiest around water This is one of the reasons why a vessel is hung over the lingam in temples from which water keeps dripping out You can offer your respect to Shiva by pouring water or milk over the lingam or Shivling, especially on Monday

Why shivling should not be kept at home?

One of the major reasons for not keeping shivling at homes is the fear that menstruating ladies might desecrate the shivling and could invite bad luck However , as a mark of respect people do not keep shivling at home Reason-2 Hinduism advocates daily worship to divine idols, especially Shivling

How do Hindu gods ask for forgiveness?

And ask forgiveness in your mind I would recommend after doing that don’t repeat your mistakes & do something for them We always ask something from them instead we should learn to dedicate something to them like some of your mantra recitation, chanting, path puja, bhajan, kirtan, etc

Does Hinduism believe in forgiveness?

Hinduism Beliefs about Forgiveness and Reconciliation All Hindus believe that forgiveness and reconciliation are key prinicples, which need to be followed in any circumstances and are essential in a Hindu’s life When someone does wrong and then asks for forgiveness, it is called Prayaschitta

Do Hindu gods forgive?

Sin in Abrahamic faiths is an offence against God and hence God has to forgive the sins The Hindu position is clearly given by the following Gita verses Paap (translated as sin) is not an offence against God and hence there is no question of God forgiving a person

Does Krishna forgive?

Answer by Romapada Swami: Krishna promises to forgive and deliver all sinful reactions of those who surrender to Him exclusively Only when Madhai fell at the feet of Nityananda Prabhu and begged forgiveness from Nitai, it was then that he was accepted and forgiven by Lord Caitanya

Why is Krishna loved by all?

Krishna as Protector of Women Well, he was always a gentleman When a demon had kidnapped women and kept them captive in his kingdom, Krishna fought the demon and rescued those women And, following his art of chivalry Krishna did not refuse and married them all

What does Krishna say about forgiveness?

Significant lines from the Bhagavad Gita: Lord Krishna says, ‘You cannot free yourself of your own sins I will liberate you from your sins ‘ See, everything that we do – fasting, visiting places of worship, feeling guilty, etc, all this we do to free oneself of sins

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