Is there a way to keep Vault 101 Open?

Is there a way to keep Vault 101 Open?

Try convincing the overseer to step down and make Amata the new overseer. Then kill both Amata and the overseer. You will get a message saying “Vault 101 has been thrown into chaos”. Once you leave the vault door stays open.

Is there a bobblehead in Vault 101?

The bobblehead is located on James’ desk, in Vault 101’s clinic. It can be obtained during Future Imperfect, Escape!, or Trouble on the Homefront, but after all three quests are complete, the Vault will be permanently sealed (unless all people in the vault are killed or the vault is sabotaged).

Where is ol painless in Fallout 3?

Even though Dave claims he lost his hunting rifle while stalking mirelurks, Ol’ Painless is located in his safe right next to his chair. Dave’s special key is required to open the safe and is carried by Dave.

What does OL painless mean?

“Old Painless” was the handheld M134 Minigun used by Blain Cooper, specifically when he hired was for a rescue mission in Guatemala in 1987. During the attack on the guerrilla’s camp, Blain used the weapon to great effect, taking out several of the Guatemalan rebels.

What is the fallout hunting rifle based on?

Brotherhood of Steel

Can Paciencia be modded?

Characteristics. Paciencia expanded Paciencia is a unique hunting rifle. However, like many unique weapons, Paciencia cannot be modified using standard hunting rifle mods. In appearance, it is less makeshift than regular hunting rifles.

What are fallout guns based on?

The Blackhawk, by Ruger, is based off of the Colt New Army and not the S&W Model 49 as the Fallout unique weapon is.

Why is the hunting rifle in Fallout 4 left handed?

I hope it’s something that is fixed, or at the very least, explained in-game. If you’re right handed, it kinda makes sense to operate the bolt with your left hand. That way your right hand doesn’t have to move from the grip, but the left hand is just supporting the gun so it is freer to move.

Where can I get a 50 cal in Fallout 4?

50 caliber. Special Power: 50% extra damage to Mirelurks and bugs. Where to find it: Once in the town of Salem, you’ll find a heavily fortified house belonging to the Rook family.

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