Is there any college football on Thanksgiving Day?

Is there any college football on Thanksgiving Day?

During a typical college football season, Thanksgiving weekend represents the opportunity for huge state rivalry games and other marquee matchups. There are no college football games being played on Thanksgiving Day in 2020, but the following contests will air on television on the following Friday, November 27th.

Who holds the record for most passing yards in a Thanksgiving game?

Troy Aikman

Who plays football on Thanksgiving Day every year?

Why the Cowboys and Lions always play on Thanksgiving Day, NFL teams’ records on the holiday. Since the beginning of time, okay maybe not that long ago, but since very early on in National Football League history, fans have been able to watch the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day.

Which NFL teams are playing on Thanksgiving?

The Lions and Texans will meet for the first time since they matched up on Thanksgiving eight years ago. The Washington Football Team and Cowboys are no strangers to each other on this date. When they gather together in Dallas on Thanksgiving, it’ll be their 122nd matchup.

Is Stafford good on Thanksgiving?

One of the great Thanksgiving traditions is snickering at who is playing quarterback for the Detroit Lions. Giggling at Lions quarterbacks on Thanksgiving, though, has gotten tougher thanks to Matthew Stafford. He may only have a 4-5 record on Turkey Day, but that’s pretty great for a Detroit QB.

Is Matt Stafford playing on Thanksgiving?

With another Thanksgiving start under his belt, Stafford will be joining Troy Aikman as the only quarterbacks to have 10 career starts on Thanksgiving, per NFL Network’s Rich Eisen. Today, Matthew Stafford joins @TroyAikman as the only quarterbacks with 10 career starts on Thanksgiving Day.

Who has the most rushing TD in NFL?

Emmitt Smith

Do the Packers play on Thanksgiving Day 2020?

The Green Bay Packers finally have a schedule for the 2020 football season. As for their oldest rivals, Green Bay will play the Chicago Bears in a pair of premier matchups late in the season, first at Lambeau Field on Sunday Night Football the week of Thanksgiving, then again in Chicago in week 17 to close the season.

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