Is train available for Shirdi?

Is train available for Shirdi?

Sainagar Shirdi Train Station

Train name (no.) passing via Sainagar Shirdi Arrives Departs
Ndls Premium Special (04405) Starts 01:00
Snsi Chennai Express (22602) Starts 08:25
Snsi Hwh Superfast Express (22893) Starts 13:55
Shirdi Express (22601) 11:30 Ends

Which station is down for Shirdi?

Kopergaon Railway Station

How many km Indore to Shirdi?


What is Shirdi railway station name?

Sainagar Shirdi Railway station

What is the best time to visit Shirdi?

December to February: Winters are the best time to visit Shirdi as the weather is pleasant and is a great time to enjoy your pilgrimage and sightseeing in Shirdi. The average temperature during this time of the year falls between 8 degrees Celsius to 34 degrees Celsius.

Is there dress code in Shirdi?

no dress code in shirdi. over a year ago. No Dress code. But but if women come with Saree that gives respect.

Is mobile phone allowed in Shirdi temple?

Water, mobile phones, camera or any other electronic gadget are not allowed inside the temple premises of Shirdi. There is both electronic surveillance and electronic checking.

Is Shirdi temple open for darshan after lockdown?

According to the new guidelines issued by the Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan Trust, the devotees will now be allowed to take darshan from 6 AM till 9 PM daily. Shirdi temple, which had been closed during the lockdown, was re-opened for devotees on November 16 last year.

How can I get Shirdi Darshan VIP pass?

You can go to PRO office at Gate No. 5 and get a VIP pass by paying ₹200/- per person. over a year ago.

How can I get VIP pass for Shirdi temple?

The Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust (Shirdi) has revised its donation amount from Rs 100 to Rs 200 to obtain passes for the VIP darshan and perform the “aarti”, held four times a day at the temple. Similarly, booking a morning “aarti” (Kakada aarti) will cost Rs 600 instead of Rs 500.

Is Ola available in Shirdi?

Launching Ola Outstation rides in Shirdi. You can now take them in an Ola Outstation. Now, you can visit your favourite cities or head back home to and from Shirdi with Ola Outstation.

How can I get Shirdi Udi online?

The trust administration has prepared a form that has to be filled and submitted online to get a packet of udi. The link to the form is Sources in the SSST said since sending the udi to various parts of the country entails a cost, the permission of the ad-hoc committee is essential.

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