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The release by Tupperware

The meetings Tupperware are they a means to communicate ideas and practices of feminists ? This has been discovered Catherine Achin and Delphine Naudier in their article ” liberation by Tupperware ? Dissemination of the ideas and practices of feminists

dogs and humans

Dogs and humans, a book of Dominique Guillo (Apple, 2009) After you have brushed the points of view for a long time the dominant domestic animal, recalling that the relationships between dogs and humans is a phenomenon transhistorique and cross-cultural

The couple, love and money

The couple, the love and the money. The construction marital economic dimensions of the love relationship, a work of Caroline Henchoz (L’harmattan, coll. “Sociological issues “, 2009) “When one loves, one does not count” is the popular saying. The money

Sociology of sexuality

Sociology of sexuality, a reprint of the book by Michel Bozon (Armand Colin, Coll ” 128 “, 2009, 2002) Undeniably, it is produced, in the last decades, a profound transformation in the sexual behaviors, in parallel to other transformations in

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