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The ethnography of economic

The ethnography of economic. A book of Caroline Dufy and Florence Weber (Discovery, al. “Repères “, 2007, 122 p.) This work complements that of Philippe Steiner presenting in the same collection the economic sociology. Thus, the economic sociology is more

The practice of art amateur

Lovers, 1996, Olivier Donnat Many clues, starting with the constant increase in applications for registration in the schools of art and music, the show, in fact, for several years, the growing interest that the French have for the artistic activities

social class in the globalization

The social classes in the process of globalization. A book by Anne-Catherine Wagner (Discovery, al. “Benchmarks “, October 2007, 117 p.) The categories of classes, structures or social reproduction have become obsolete in the ideological context the current valuation of


Consumption. A book of Dominique Desjeux (Puf, coll. “What do I know ? “, 2006) The book of Dominique Desjeux provides an overview of a domain in the most classic of the social sciences, with an ambition of accessibility and

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