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Can Popes be female?

Can Popes be female? The Oxford Dictionary of Popes declares that there is “no contemporary evidence for a female Pope at any of the dates suggested for her reign”, but nonetheless acknowledges that Pope Joan’s legend was widely believed for

How did societies respond to imperialism?

How did societies respond to imperialism? When confronting imperial power, people responded in creative ways that go beyond collaboration and resistance. Local knowledge and customs enabled some to resist imperialism with invisible yet effective tactics. How did colonization play a

How would you describe a hike?

How would you describe a hike? Here are some adjectives for hiking: entire arduous, solid ten-hour, long, hot and dusty, mildly strenuous, brisk three-hour, mere three-day, tortuous five-mile, long, impromptu, long homebound, old twenty-mile, hot, late-afternoon, carefree, late-afternoon, good two-mile,

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