Writing your PhD proposal: What isn’t in the manual?

Are you considering applying to do a PhD? Katie shares her warts-and-all experience of writing a proposal and enjoying it…By Katie Hall When I started to think that doing a PhD might be a realistic goal, a friend said to me, with irony, “If you don’t hate your PhD, you haven’t finished it yet”. Writing […]

Software to support you study

One of the University’s best-kept secrets is the vast amount of software available to help improve your studies. Not everyone has a traditional learning style. Some of us like to map our ideas out visually, others may prefer to hear things out loud to improve understanding; the key is everyone learns differently… By Laura Waller […]

Human Library: Which Book Will You Read?

In this blog post, Aysa talks about the second Human Library event taking place at the University of Warwick. The Human Library helps to overcome stigma, combat prejudice, dismantle stereotypes, inform ignorance, clarify misconceptions, debunk myths, end discrimination, and challenge negative attitudes through conversations with Human Books… By Aysa Ozcan The Human Library event came […]

Save Time without Cutting Corners

Balancing various different assignments can be tricky for any student. Give yourself the best chance of doing all your pieces of work to the best of your ability by using these time-saving tips…By Rachael Davies Use the tools available to you One of the biggest time-drainers in pieces of written work is referencing. Many students […]

No such thing as a silly question

The Library can be a confusing place, and it can sometimes feel like everyone except you knows what they’re doing. That’s why we’ve been running our ‘Just Ask’ pop up events, where we answer your burning Library questions and add them to our display board. Whether you’re new to Warwick or have been here for […]

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