Meet your Academic Support Librarian

Do you have an essay or project to write and don’t know where or how to begin your research? You know you had a Library Induction back in Welcome Week but can’t quite remember what you were advised…  Don’t worry – your Academic Support Librarian can help you!… By Karen Jackson Using the Library independently […]

A Message From Kirby: Study Happy!

Whether you’re a fresher finding your way around library spaces or entering your final year, Study Happy programme is designed to help you make the most of your student experience. Read on to discover what we planned for the new year… By Ana Kedveš Taking meaningful breaks We repeat this so often, but that’s because […]

Back to school

Katie shares her story about returning to study following a long break while she worked. From the initial anticipation of choosing a course and applying, through to the differences of then and now, Katie looks at the value of the mature student experience… By Katie Hall Just over two years ago I started to attend […]

A note from the editor: Welcome to Warwick

Greetings to all Warwick students, especially those who are joining us this year. We hope you are enjoying your first days on campus. Welcome Week is specially designed to help you integrate into university life and to lay the foundations for your new adventure. Apart from fun, Warwick has so much more to offer, including […]

Making the most of Welcome Week

Beginning Monday 23rd September this year, you can expect a week that will welcome you into Warwick in every way you can imagine! It will help you to settle in, or perhaps integrate yourself back in if you are already a student here. Here are some highlights that you can look forward to… By Ciara […]

How to get back into studying after the break

Taking a break from studies for any length of time can be somewhat disorientating. Many of us need a routine and trying to recover an old one can be daunting. But don’t worry, there are many things you can do at Warwick to make this process as seamless as possible…By Ciara Brodi Summer holidays are […]

Head Strong: How I managed my mental health during my studies

Katie shares her personal experience about starting university whilst facing mental health problems including anxiety and depression. Through accessing some of the support services available, Katie has been able to thrive whilst at Warwick. Read about her journey here…By Katie Hall When I first contemplated returning to study after a long break, it was at […]

Making the transition from school to university

Congratulations! If you’ve reached the stage of preparing for university, you, first of all, should be very proud of yourself. You are about to embark on what is probably the biggest change in your life so far. The transition may be unfamiliar, but fun and exciting nonetheless… get ready for Warwick!…By Ciara Brodi 1. Welcome […]

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