Summer hacks – How to study in the melting heat!

The sun is scorching, bearing its harsh light onto students who continue to study over the summer. It becomes humid, suffocating and very sweaty! However, there are quite a few hacks that can be incorporated to make working much easier, no matter the temperature!… By Kayvon Taee Don’t be a fool, stay cool! As I […]

Making the most of Warwick on your year abroad

Flying the Warwick nest for your year abroad can seem quite daunting, as you leave behind the networks you have established since your first day on campus. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to remain firmly lodged within the Warwick bubble while you’re away!…By Ciara Brodi 1. Personal tutors You will still maintain […]

Non-Academic Lessons of a Year Abroad

Whilst a ‘study abroad’ programme does involve learning and attending your host university, you can absorb so much outside of your lecture theatre. Studying abroad is a huge journey of personal growth, and creating your own story…By Ciara Brodi Independence Undergraduates at the University of Warwick can probably remember their very first term as being […]

Why you should learn a new language

The prospect of learning a new language – especially if you currently only speak your native one – can be daunting. However, it’s never too late to start, and perhaps no better time to begin than whilst you’re still at university with all of its support and resources. Here’s three reasons to begin learning a […]

Read&Write Gold: Your literacy study buddy

Have you ever heard about Read&Write Gold? It seems to be a well-kept secret but it shouldn’t be! Read&Write supports you whilst you study, making tasks such as reading, notetaking, and essay writing easier. Want to know more….? By Laura Waller Introduction So let’s unfold the mystery that is Read&Write Gold. Read&Write Gold is a […]

Writing is rewriting, right?

Creative writers know better than anyone the pain and necessity for editing work and they often spend months perfecting draft after draft. Katie shares tips and ideas from the writing toolbox that can shortcut some of the most common pitfalls and help refine your dissertation into a masterpiece…By Katie Hall Every Masters course will have […]

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