4 tips to take effective lecture notes

Lectures can be a struggle when first starting university, especially frantically making scribbles just trying to keep up! However, it is easy to become a seasoned veteran in note-taking whether you are in lectures or at the University of Warwick Library. This blog is aimed at all who are currently studying an academic subject, regardless […]

Try Something New

The University of Warwick is known not just for what it can offer academically, but also its extracurricular activities. Striking a balance can be hard sometimes, but here’s how the University can help maintain a healthy balance between study and leisure… Make the SU your SU   Being a campus university, Warwick is often referred […]

Studying Away from Campus

While you’re at university, you have access to all that Warwick offers including the library, lecturers, your personal tutor and beyond! So when you travel home in between terms, it may be a little daunting to be leaving all of that behind. But fear not, distance learning is definitely possible and here are some suggestions […]

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