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  • Bourdieu ~ Group of sociological studies
  • CESC – Centre of Social Structures Compared
  • CIVERSITY – Research Group
  • Research committee on Economic Sociology – FES
  • DELAH – Research Group for Demography, Longevity and Aging Healthy
  • EDUCAMDES – research Group for Environmental Education and Sustainable Development
  • EGECO research group, Employment, Gender and social Cohesion
  • ESEIS – Social Studies and Social Intervention
  • ESOMI – Sociology of International Migrations
  • GESP – Group of Studies on Society and Politics (UCM-UNED)
  • GETS – Groups of Studies on Social Trends
  • GIEST – Research Group Structures and Territorial Systems
  • Group COPOLIS
  • Research group Social Change – open university
  • Research group in Urban Culture
  • Research group of Economic Cycle, Inequality and Employment (UCM) also in: Inequality in the Network
  • Research group on Demographic Dynamics (IEGD, CCHS)
  • Research group Studies Aging and Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • Research group Childhood Contemporary (UAM)
  • Research group Social Policy and Social Services in the Welfare Society
  • Research group Sociology of Food (UO)
  • Research group on the Sociology of Emotions
  • Working group of Anthropology and Ethnography of Education (IMA)

  • INTER group – Research in Intercultural Education
  • GSIA – Group of Sociology of Childhood and Adolescence
  • Childhood Contemporary – Research Group recognized by the UAM
  • KOINONIA – interdisciplinary research Group
  • – Research Group
  • Observatorio Metropolitano
  • Onlenher – Ontology, Language, and Hermeneútica
  • Network esCTS – Network of Social Studies of Science and Technology


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