The order sexed. The perception of inequalities between women and men

Order sexual. The perception of inequalities between women and men. A book of Réjane Sénac-Slawinski (Puf, coll. “The social bond “, 2007, 364 p., 29€)

As be sexed, we experience two universalismes contradictory, that of belonging to a community of equals in our quality of citizen, and that of the difference as a source of inequality. The prevalence of the universalism of sexual difference on the fee that would be called natural, brings Réjane Sénac-Slawinski to wonder if we can think of the differences between men and women in democratic equality, and if yes, under what conditions ? The use of the notion of order in the title of the book has for ambition to introduce a reflection on the specificity of the male-female differences in the development of the social and political order of a democratic society. The idea of the author is that ” the discourse on the differences between men and women is part of the legitimation, or even the construction, of a natural order, and social policy “.

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