What are examples of private information?

What are examples of private information?

Examples of personal information a person’s name, address, phone number or email address. a photograph of a person. a video recording of a person, whether CCTV or otherwise, for example, a recording of events in a classroom, at a train station, or at a family barbecue. a person’s salary, bank account or financial …

What are examples of public documents?

13.3 Types of Public Records

  • Vital statistics.
  • Evaluation reports.
  • Laws and regulations.
  • Court proceedings.
  • Criminal justice records.
  • Political campaign finance records.
  • Institutional financial information.
  • Licenses.

Is fir a public document?

FIR is a public document prepared u/s-154 of Cr. P.C. A certified copy of an FIR can be given in evidence. But the accused can get a copy of the FIR on payment of adequate fees from the court. The Officer-in-Charge of the police station is not authorized to give the copy of FIR to the accused.

Which is a public document?

Public Documents are documents or records that are authenticated by the public officer. Public documents also contain statements made by the public officer in his official capacity that are admissible as evidence of the fact in civil matters . They are made available to the public for reference and use.

What are public documents Evidence Act?

According to Section 74 of the Evidence Act, public documents are the documents forming the acts or records of the acts of the sovereign authority, official bodies and tribunals, and of public offices, legislative, judicial and executive of any part of India or of the commonwealth, or of a foreign country.

What are types of documents under Indian Evidence Act?

The Indian Evidence Act accepts two forms of evidence, documentary evidence and oral evidence. According to the Indian Evidence Act, the documents which are produced for the inspection of the court are called documentary evidence.

Who is the father of Indian Evidence Act?

Sir James Fitzjames Stephen

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