What are some examples of normative influence?

What are some examples of normative influence?

Common examples of peer pressure are helpful in understanding how normative social influence works. Anyone who engages in drinking, smoking, vandalism, truancy or other examples of misbehavior to earn the respect of bullies or an “in crowd” is influenced by normative factors.

Why is 150 volts the magic number?

Why is 150 volts the magic number? If people press at 150 volts, then there is an 80% chance they will continue to the highest level of voltage.

What does the learner do when he is supposedly shocked at 75 volts quizlet?

Shock levels were labeled from 15 to 450 volts. In response to the supposed jolts, the “learner” (actor) would begin to grunt at 75 volts; complain at 120 volts; ask to be released at 150 volts; plead with increasing vigor, next; and let out agonized screams at 285 volts.

How many participants were in burgers study?

70 participants

Can conformity become an issue of obedience?

Conformity is one effect of the influence of others on our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Another form of social influence is obedience to authority. People often comply with the request because they are concerned about a consequence if they do not comply.

How did Burger work his way around the ethical breach of Milgram’s original study?

Howdid Burger work his way around the ethical breach of Milgram’s original study? At the end of theexperiment, Burger was left with an obedience rate around the same as the one Milgram hadrecorded. Students may or may not feel that this study can adequately replicate Milgram’s workwithout the more severe shock levels.

Would you deliver an electric shock in 2015?

The title is direct, “Would you deliver an electric shock in 2015?” and the answer, according to the results of this replication study, is yes. While no shocks were actually delivered in any of the experiments, the participants believed them to be real.

Why is the Milgram experiment important?

These experiments laid the foundation for understanding why seemingly decent people could be encouraged to do bad things. Blass states that Milgram’s obedience experiments are important because they provide a frame of reference for contemporary real-life instances of extreme, destructive obedience.

Has Milgram’s study been replicated?

Well, a new paper published March 14 just announced that the famous Milgram Experiment has been replicated in Poland over 50 years since its inception in the US. It’s been replicated before, but this is the first time any effort to do so has involved both men and women in shock-giving and shock-receiving roles.

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