What are synonyms for customs?

What are synonyms for customs?

Synonyms of customs

  • fashions,
  • habits,
  • habitudes,
  • patterns,
  • practices.
  • (also practises),
  • rituals,
  • tricks,

What is a synonym for one of a kind?

distinctive, treasure, curio, gem, curiosity, wonder, bizarre, exceptional, incredible, notable, odd, offbeat, out of this world, special, strange, uncommon, unique, unusual, wonderful, off the beaten track.

What is the right word for customs?

What is another word for customs?

etiquette protocol
decorum formalities
manners convention
custom propriety
form mores

Are customs and traditions the same thing?

Custom is a usage or practice common to many or a particular place or group of people. Tradition is the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation or the fact of being passed on in this way.

What is the meaning of costum?

As a noun, custom means a longstanding practice of a person (such as a daily habit) or a group (such as a cultural practice). As an adjective, custom describes something made to unique specifications, especially something one of a kind. Its synonym is custom-made.

What is the full meaning of custom?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : a usage or practice common to many or to a particular place or class or habitual with an individual It is the custom in New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras. funeral customs. b : long-established practice considered as unwritten law.

What is the meaning of customs and traditions?

A custom (also called a tradition) is a common way of doing things. It is something that many people do, and have done for a long time. Usually, the people come from the same country, culture, or religion. Many customs are things that people do that are handed down from the past.

What is custom clearance?

Customs clearance is the act of taking goods through the customs authority to facilitate the movement of cargo into a country (import) and outside the country (export).

What is custom made?

adjective. If something is custom-made, it is made according to someone’s special requirements. Furniture can also be custom-made to suit your own requirements.

Is it custom-made or custom-made?

Alternative spelling of custom-made. The definition of custom-made is built to a specific order or specifications. An example of custom-made used as an adjective is in the phrase “a custom-made wedding gown,” which means a gown that was designed to the bride’s specifications.

What does custom-made clothing mean?

adj. (Clothing & Fashion) (of suits, dresses, etc) made according to the specifications of an individual buyer.

What is custom-made in fashion?

Customization is a process of tailoring to individual customer’s specifica- tions. Especially in fashion, it allowed consumers to create and customize their own outfit. Online shops as well as physical studios in different countries are providing the service of customization.

What are the benefits of clothing?

Clothing serves many purposes: it can serve as protection from the elements, rough surfaces, rash-causing plants, insect bites, splinters, thorns and prickles by providing a barrier between the skin and the environment.

What is the meaning of custom tailoring?

transitive verb. : to alter, plan, or build according to individual specifications or needs.

What means Bespoke?


How do you use tailored in a sentence?

Tailored sentence example

  1. The hours were perfect, nine to five, and the job sounded as if it were tailored for her.
  2. He was clean and well-dressed for the first time, his tailored clothing enhancing his muscular, lean build.

What does tailored mean?

fitted by a custom tailor

What is a female tailor called?

The term “seamstress” specifically refers to a female. The term for the male counterpart to a seamstress is “seamster.” The term “tailor” is gender neutral.

What does Talior mean?

: a person whose occupation is making or altering garments (such as suits, jackets, and dresses) typically to fit a particular person. tailor. verb. tailored; tailoring; tailors.

What does tailored fit mean?

Tailored fit is a sleek and timeless style of suit. It is not as roomy as a Regular Fit suit and less fitted than a Slim or Skinny Fit suit. This fit features a shaped waist and clean lines which allow for a stylish and dapper silhouette. Trousers are slightly tapered to finish off the suit smartly.

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