What are the 10 largest ethnic groups in Russia?

What are the 10 largest ethnic groups in Russia?

According to the census 2010 ten largest ethnicities are follows: the Tatars (3.7%), the Ukrainians (1.4%), the Bashkirs (1.1%), the Chuvashs (1%), the Chechens (1%), the Armenians (0.8%), the Avars (0.6%), the Mordvins (0.5%), the Kazakhs (0.4%), the Azerbaijanis (4%).

How many ethnic Russians are in Russia?

Of the total 258 million speakers of Russian in the world, roughly 134 million of them are ethnic Russians. The vast majority of Russians live in native Russia, but notable minorities are scattered throughout other post-Soviet states such as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine and the Baltic states.

What is a major ethnic group in western Russia?

The major ethnic group in Western Russia is the Slavic people.

Which ethnic group is the biggest from the Turkish people?

Kurds are the largest ethnic and linguistic minority in Turkey. The estimated numbers claimed by various sources range from 10 to 23 per cent of the population.

What are Ottomans used for?

The ottoman is a multi-purpose piece of furniture. Ottomans can be for storage, seating options, or as a stand-in for a coffee table. Many types of ottomans have storage options, making them great for coffee tables. Smaller ottomans without removable lids are great footrests, too.

What is another word for ottoman?

Ottoman footstools are often sold as coordinating furniture with armchairs, sofas or gliders. Other names include for this piece of furniture include footstool, tuffet, hassock, pouf (sometimes spelled pouffe), or in New Zealand and Newfoundland a humpty.

How do I choose an ottoman?

How to Choose the Perfect Ottoman for Your Sofa

  1. Decide on its purpose.
  2. Set a budget, and stick with with it.
  3. Consider the decor style of your room and sofa.
  4. Decide whether you want the ottoman to match the room’s style or bring something new to it.
  5. Ask yourself if your room could use something extra in terms of design.
  6. Remember to consider scale.

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