What are the characteristics of earth worm?

What are the characteristics of earth worm?

An earthworm has a streamlined body with no antennae or fins or arms or legs! This streamlined shape is an adaptation to living in narrow burrows underground and the need to move easily through the soil. An earthworm has circular muscles that surround each body segment.

Is there a black worm?

Lumbriculus variegatus, also known as the blackworm or California blackworm, is a species of worm inhabiting North America and Europe….

Lumbriculus variegatus
Family: Lumbriculidae
Genus: Lumbriculus
Species: L. variegatus
Binomial name

How are leeches and earthworms different?

Leeches are segmented, and thus annelids, and like earthworms they lack the parapodia found in polychaetes and possess a clitellum for reproduction. They differ from earthworms in that they are flatter and actually lack a complete coelomic cavity; which most annelids do have.

Do earthworms have Parapodia?

The basic features of locomotion in annelids are most easily observed in the earthworm because it lacks appendages and parapodia. Movement involves extending the body, anchoring it to a surface with setae, and contracting body muscles.

What muscles control the earthworms locomotion?

An earthworm moves using circular and longitudinal muscles, as well as bristles called setae. The earthworm can push the setae out of its body to grab the soil around it. To move forward, the worm uses its setae to anchor the front of its body and contracts the longitudinal muscles to shorten its body.

How do earthworms reproduce?

Earthworms are hermaphrodites, with each individual containing both male and female sexual organs. When they mate, they compete to inseminate the other with sperm, and fertilise the other’s eggs.

Which annelid group has Parapodia?


What is the function of Parapodia?

Parapodia are paired, unjointed lateral appendages found in polychaete worms, which are often fleshy (especially in marine polychaetes) and used for locomotion, respiration, and other functions.

What class are earthworms?


What is the most common earthworm?

L. terrestris

Does a worm have a brain?

Do worms have brains? Yes, although they are not particularly complex. Each worm’s brain sits next to its other organs, and connects the nerves from the worm’s skin and muscles, controlling how it feels and moves.

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