What are the contrasts between Anne and Peter?

What are the contrasts between Anne and Peter?

Anne Frank had only one big crush prior to going into hiding, and that boy was like her: attractive, vivacious, funny, and outgoing. The only boy in the annex, Peter van Daan, is the complete opposite: shy, sensitive, awkward, and complacent.

How are Anne Frank and Margot different?

Margot is three years older than Anne. Unlike Anne, who likes to talk, Margo is fairly quiet. Like Anne, she is tidy and gets good grades. Anne describes Margot as simply being there and not noticed.

What does Anne compare the annex to?

Answer: Anne thinks that other people treat her with contempt in the Annex, unlike the way they treat the two young people (Peter and Margot). She always hears things about herself being an “exasperated child” while Margot (Anne’s sister) and Peter (the son of van Daans) were always considered the role models.

What is full name of Anne Frank?

Annelies Marie Frank

How is Anne Frank inspiring?

Anne Frank is so inspirational to many young people nowadays. Her spirit was always so lively and enthusiastic. After I read her diary,I was inspired to keep my own diary and now it’s become a habit. Anne Frank provides a great example of a girl using her diary as a way to express her thoughts and feelings.

What was the last thing Anne Frank wrote in her diary?

In her final entry, Frank wrote of how others perceive her, describing herself as “a bundle of contradictions.” She wrote: “As I’ve told you many times, I’m split in two. One side contains my exuberant cheerfulness, my flippancy, my joy in life and, above all, my ability to appreciate the lighter side of things.

What was the date of Anne Frank’s last diary entry?

5 December 1942

How old was Anne Frank when she moved to Amsterdam?

Anne Frank, who had turned 15 three months earlier, was one of the youngest people spared from her transport. She was soon made aware that most people were gassed upon arrival and never learned that the entire group from the Achterhuis had survived this selection.

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