What are the easiest classes to CLEP?

What are the easiest classes to CLEP?

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  • Spanish Language – 91%
  • College Composition & College Composition Modular – 84%
  • French Language – 84%
  • Analyzing & Interpreting Literature – 81%
  • Principles of Marketing – 75%
  • Introductory Psychology – 75%
  • German Language – 74%
  • Introductory Sociology – 74%

Who can take a CLEP test?

Anyone interested in earning college credit and saving time and money can take a CLEP exam. CLEP launched in 1967 as a way for adult students and military service members to earn degrees inexpensively while also being able to meet work and family responsibilities.

What does AICE stand for?

Advanced International Certificate of Education

What is the AICE exam?

The Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Program is one of sixteen Florida School Choice Options available to students in grades K-12. The AICE program is considered an international curriculum and examination program that’s modeled on the British pre-college curriculum and ‘A-Level’ exams.

What is AICE course?

AICE, which stands for Advanced International Certificate of Education and is pronounced like the word “ace,” is a set of challenging college-level classes for high school students. It also has the potential to get you college credit or let you place out of intro courses once you’re a freshman.

What is AICE general paper?

AICE English General Paper is an English class that counts towards Florida graduation requirements and gives students an opportunity to earn a college elective credit at no cost to families. Students learn to build and write arguments, support their claims with evidence, and read widely about contemporary issues.

How long is the AICE general paper exam?

4 Details of the assessment Paper 1 – Essay Written Paper, 1 hour 15 minutes, 30 marks, weighting: 50 per cent There are 10 questions in total. Candidates choose one question. 3 Literature, language, the arts, crafts, and the media. Candidates are advised to write an essay of 600–700 words.

What is AICE thinking skills?

The purpose of this course involves the development of a range of transferable thinking skills and processes for solving problems, critical thinking and reasoning. These skills are valuable and relevant within other subjects as well as being essential for further and higher education.

Is General Paper English?

Most prospective Junior College students have the misconception that the General Paper (GP) is just another advanced level English paper, having heard so much about how easy it is to fail or how difficult it is to score a distinction in the subject. Yet, GP is much more than an English language paper.

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