What are the major rivers in Honduras?

What are the major rivers in Honduras?

Patuca River is the largest in Honduras and the second largest in Central America.

  • Wampú River.
  • Guayambre River.
  • Guayape River. Tinto River. Talgua River. Telica River. Jalan River.

Where is the Rio Coco River?


How long is the Rio Coco River?

466 mi

What is special about El Rio Lempa?

It is El Salvador’s largest and only navigable one. Its northern valley has hydroelectric projects that supply power to much of El Salvador. Its southern basin has been developed agriculturally, sisal (a cordage fibre) being the major crop.

Which Central American country has the most bodies of water?

Guatemala’s geographical highscores are: largest body of water is Lake Izabal, highest point is Tajumulco volcano at 4,211 m, the tallest mountain in Central America, and the longest river is Río Motagua.

What is the highest peak in Central America?

Tajumulco Volcano

What and where is the highest waterfall in Central America?

While El Salto del Calvo in Costa Rica is the highest waterfall in Central America, El Salto del Angel (Angel’s Jump) in Venezuela is the highest waterfall in the world with 979 meters (3212 feet).

Where is the best climate in Central America?

Costa Rica “The Healthiest Climate in the World According to NASA Research.” So says one Web site for this relatively modernized Central American country.

Why did Central America break up?

From 1838 to 1840, the federation descended into civil war, with conservatives fighting against liberals and separatists fighting to secede. These factions were unable to overcome their ideological differences and the federation was dissolved after a series of bloody conflicts.

What are the two seasons of Central America?

In Central America there are two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. Unlike other areas of the American continent, the seasons are not marked by the change in temperatures, but by the amount of rainfall.

Is Central America warm in December?

Winter is dry season in Central America. The coastal areas enjoy the warmest temperatures and, while many mountain regions can get cold at night, overall temperatures in the high 70s and 80s are typical in winter in Central America.

What is the largest country in Central America?

What is the main natural resource found in Central America?

The region contains some valuable natural resources, including nickel, iron ore, fish, timber and oil. Unfortunately, the digging and mining of some of these resources has created environmental problems.

What is the religion in Central America?

Roman Catholicism is the professed religion of four out of five Central Americans; almost all others adhere to various Protestant faiths. In the more remote areas (principally inhabited by Indians), traditional religious practices and Roman Catholicism coexist.

Which country in Latin America has the most natural resources?

The extensive forests that cover about half of the continent constitute South America’s richest natural resource. With more than 1.5 million square miles of tropical rain forest, Brazil is the most densely forested country in the region.

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