What are the most important resources in Central Asia explain where in Central Asia?

What are the most important resources in Central Asia explain where in Central Asia?

In the case of Central Asia, these resources are abundant, but still quite unexplored. For example, the area has roughly 3% of the world’s oil, 4% of the world’s coal, and 15% of the world’s uranium. It also has large reserves of natural gas, zinc, lead, chromite, copper, iron ore, gold and manganese.

What is the name of the longest river that feeds the Aral Sea?

Syr Darya

Syr Darya Jaxartes, Seyhun
Ramsar Wetland
Official name Lesser Aral Sea and Delta of the Syrdarya River
Designated 2 February 2012
Reference no. 2083

What is the issue in the Aral Sea?

The large cotton monoculture in the region is probably the main reason for the dying of the Aral Sea and the increased salinity of agricultural soils. But the cotton mono-cultures has also led to toxic pollution.

What are the effects of Aral Sea disaster?

The shrinking of the Aral Sea has already changed the climate in the region to the point of no return. With gradual desiccation over the years, the lake bed has got exposed. Dust plumes are often seen rising from the sediments of the lake bed. These dust storms have made regional winters colder and summers hotter.

How many countries are affected by the Aral Sea?

The future of the Aral Sea and the responsibility for its survival are now in the hands of the five countries: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan. In 1994, they adopted the Aral Sea Basin Programme.

What government agency is responsible for the Aral Sea?

The World Bank Uzbek mission

How have human activities affected the Aral Sea?

Climate change mainly affects the Aral Sea by changing the upstream runoff and the evapotranspiration of the basin. Human activities mainly include the water withdrawal for agriculture, industry and municipal in the basin, of which agriculture is the largest water-consuming sector.

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