What are the people doing that angers Marullus and Flavius Why does this anger them?

What are the people doing that angers Marullus and Flavius Why does this anger them?

What are the people doing that angers Marullus and Flavius? They are going out to celebrate Caesar’s victory over his rival Pompey.

What are Flavius and Marullus doing?

A street in Rome. What are Flavius and Marullus doing? Reminding the laborers that they should be dresses in their work outfits rather than their best cloths.

What do the working people of Rome and Marullus disagree about?

He is only putting them into a civil war. They disagree with the celebration. Marullus yells at them for not doing their job as well as celebrating the death of a noble figure.

How are Flavius and Marullus punished?

There is a statue of Caesar and it is decorated to honor him. During the triumphal parade, Flavius and Marullus take down the decorations from Caesar’s statue. When this is reported to Caesar, they are both punished. In particular, they are removed from office for this action.

What did Flavius and Marullus do that got them executed?

It is assumed that they were executed for having the decorations for Caesar’s victory taken down from the statues of Caesar. This is mentioned in Act I, scene ii, when Casca reports: “I could tell you more news too. Marullus and Flavius, for pulling scarves off Caesar’s images, are put to silence.”

Why did Casca say the crowd shouted thrice?

During the Feast of Lupercal, Brutus and Cassius are told by Casca that the cheering they overheard was caused by Caesar pandering to the people. Brutus accuses Caesar of ambition, but according to Casca, he refused the crown that Mark Antony offered him a total of three times!

Why did Caesar reject the Crown 3 times?

The crown is first mentioned in Julius Caesar in Act I, Scene II, when we hear Casca describe a public ceremony where Caesar is thrice offered the crown. Casca is speaking to Cassius and Brutus, also senators of Rome, and explains that Caesar refused the crown all three times, presumably as a show of humility.

What does Brutus say he feels about honor?

Honor in Julius Caesar is synonymous with bravery and selflessness. This is why Brutus is considered honorable by nearly every character in the play: he is earnestly committed to public service and the overall good of his country. It is precisely this virtue that Cassius exploits for his own aims.

Why is Brutus not an honorable man?

Brutus is not an honorable man. Brutus was a very selfish and self-centered person. He continually ignored Cassius’ and the conspirators’ ideas. He was the leader and everyone was supposed to go along with them.

What are Brutus weaknesses?

Brutus’ tragic flaws are part of what makes him a tragic hero. In Julius Caesar, Brutus is a great example of a tragic hero. His tragic flaws are honor, poor judgement, and idealism (Bedell). In Shakespeare’s plays, the tragic hero and his flaws cause the downfall of the play (Tragic Flaws).

Who would be a better leader Brutus or Caesar?

In Julius Caesar, Cassius would have been a better leader than Brutus because although Brutus is a far better person, his good qualities and his honor blind him to the evil in others. He makes a huge blunder in allowing Mark Antony to speak to the masses after Caesar’s death, which starts a civil war.

What bad things did Marc Antony do?

Enemy For Life Unfortunately, he became involved in a conspiracy—known as the Second Catilinarian Conspiracy—to depose the leadership of Marcus Tullius Cicero. The conspiracy failed, and Cicero ordered Sura to be executed. Cicero feuded with the Antony clan for the rest of their lives.

Why does Antony not like Lepidus?

Antony doesn’t like Lepidus, and feels he is not good enough to have power. Antony, in other words, is a snob. Octavius argues that Lepidus is a “a tried and valiant soldier”; he says that Lepidus is good enough to do work for them, he is good enough to have power.

What does Antony really think of Lepidus?

What does Antony think about Lepidus? Antony thinks that Lepidus is only good to run errands. He will do whatever people want him to do. In Antony’s opinion, he is like his horse who just follows him around.

What did Antony say about Lepidus?

Antony declares Lepidus “a barren-spirited fellow, one that feeds / On objects, arts, and imitations”; he reproaches Octavius, saying, “Do not talk of him / But as a property,” that is, as a mere instrument for the furtherance of their own goals (IV.

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