What are the primary responsibilities of the Potus is commander in chief?

What are the primary responsibilities of the Potus is commander in chief?

The President is both the head of state and head of government of the United States of America, and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. Under Article II of the Constitution, the President is responsible for the execution and enforcement of the laws created by Congress.

Do generals actually fight?

Superior generals may win a tactical or operational victory by overmatching an opponent in a day of battle or a campaign, but in the protracted fighting that marks major wars among modern nations and coalitions, they do not deliver strategic victory.

How do I get out of the National Guard?

Getting out of the Army for depression may be possible through a medical or disabilty discharge. According to the Army Times, if you become pregant while in the Guard, you also have the option of leaving the service under honorable circumstances after your base physician verifies the condition.

Where do you stay during drill weekend?

A lot , barracks, warehouses, in the woods, and on the side of a Mountain. Yes and no, Dependant on how far it is to drill. During drill weekends we often stay at the armory, in barracks, or in the field. Yes, you can sleep on a cot to save gas and prevent from spending money on a hotel.

Do you stay overnight at drill?

If you live closer, you can go home overnight. Don’t expect any changes from “getting released at Midnight, and first formation is 0530” either way though. OR, your unit Commander and 1st Sergeant will just have cots for everyone at your units Drill Center.

How many hours is a drill weekend?


What does a typical drill weekend look like?

Drill weekends occur one weekend out of every month during the year. Specifically, they are conducted on a Saturday and Sunday. For most units, the drill weekend will be followed by an “off Monday”. Drills at most units start around 0730 and conclude at 1630 in the afternoon.

What should I bring to my first drill weekend?

Bring simple clothes you can workout in. You gonna drill, pri! Wear clean clothes that don’t have holes. Have a decent haircut, it doesn’t have to be buzzed, make sure you shave, and get there 30 minutes before you have to do you’re not late due to a wreck on the highway or whatever.

Can you miss a drill weekend?

You can’t miss a drill weekend during probation. You must acknowledge that you understand you will not be promoted during this probationary period. You must also acknowledge that if you fail to complete the required active duty training, you may be separated from the Reserves.

What happens if you don’t show up for drill weekend?

Entry Level airmen who refuse to participate in a weekend drill or refuse orders to IADT are almost always discharged. Most such discharges are characterized as entry level. However, Reservists who go AWOL during IADT are processed the same as active duty members.

How much do you make a month in the reserves?

Pay is based on two weeks of training each year and one weekend each month….Basic Military Pay Chart For Army Reserve Soldiers*

Rank Private First Class (E3)
>2 Years $4,289.67
4 Years $4,835.88
6 Years $4,835.88

What’s the age limit for Army Reserves?

Am I eligible to join the National Guard or military reserves? You must meet these minimum requirements to join the National Guard or military reserves: Be a U.S. citizen or resident alien. Be between the ages of 17 and 42 (general requirement range; age varies by branch).

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