What are the types of accounting convention?

What are the types of accounting convention?

There are four widely recognized accounting conventions: conservatism, consistency, full disclosure, and materiality.

What is code and Convention?

Codes are signs which have the potential for different meanings and conventions are arrangements that become habitual and accepted.

What is difference between conference and convention?

Conference – A meeting for consultation, education, exchange of information, or discussion with a formal agenda. Convention – A formal meeting of members, representatives, or delegates. Examples include a fraternal society or political party.

What does Convention Center mean?

: a building or set of buildings designed to hold many people and used for meetings The conference was held at the new convention center.

What is the importance of convention management?

Convention management is one of the hospitality industry’s fastest growing occupations. Convention managers are responsible for coordinating services for a variety of gatherings, including: business seminars, athletic expositions, educational workshops and entertainment functions.

What is convention management?

SERVICESSERVICES  Refer to individuals and organizations that provide support for meetings, conventions and exhibitions segment of the tourism industry. …

How the convention sector was developed?

Answer. Answer: In this way, the first convention bureau was established, and so 1896 was the year when the industry officially came into being. As from 1960, there followed a continuous growth of investments into the infrastructure with the purpose to support conferences, conventions, meetings and events.

What is the role of the convention and exhibition industry in the tourism industry?

As holding international large-scale conventions and exhibitions will attract international guests and will boost the economy locally, the value-added brought by the events can also influence tourism industry with the service quality, and the influence will take effect even after the event is over.

What is the important role of mice in the country?

The MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) industry is considered a big part of business tourism sector. That is why, hosting any business event is considered to be highly effective way to augment the country’s tourism income. There are hundreds of the companies that are involved in the MICE industry.

What makes a good Mice destination?

The unique attributes of a destination are the basis for competitive advantage. Country brand strength also appears as an important foundation for a successful MICE destination, particularly in terms of political and economic stability as well as general attractiveness and capability as a tourism destination.

What is the significance of MICE travel in hospitality industry?

What is the meaning / definition of MICE in the hospitality industry? The acronym MICE stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions. It refers to a group of tourism that plans, books and organises conferences, seminars and other events.

What are the professional associations under mice?

Buyers in MICE industry can be categorised in two groups: corporations (oil, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, IT, production, automotive industry, engineering, consulting, banks, insurance, etc.) and associations/societies.

What are the types of tour packages available?

Types of Tour Packages

  • Independent Tours.
  • Escorted Tours.
  • Hosted Tours.
  • Incentives Travel/Tours.
  • Freedom Tours.

What is Fullform of mouse?

Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) is a type of tourism in which large groups, usually planned well in advance, are brought together. Recently there has been an industry trend towards using the term ‘meetings industry’ to avoid confusion from the acronym.

What is the Fullform of USB?

Universal Serial Bus

What is the full form of GSM?

The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) is a standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to describe the protocols for second-generation (2G) digital cellular networks used by mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

What is a full form of PDF?

Portable Document Format

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