What are you anyways theme?

What are you anyways theme?

I believe no-one should feel persecuted about is their skin complexion-especially if it’s a child. The story I analyzed was “So What Are You, Anyway?” by Lawrence Hill. The theme is Prejudice: learning to not judge a book by its cover. The story begins with a little girl named Carole.

What are you anyway short story?

The story “So What Are You Anyway” by Lawrence Hill is about racism; a young girl named Carole is seated next to a couple named Henry and Betty Norton who question her about her race. Carole finally has had enough of their questions and bursts asking how they would feel if she did the same to them.

What is the tone of so what are you anyway?

The author uses empathetic tone to influence reader about racism. This empathy appears especially in Carole’s monologs.

When Was So what are you anyway written?


What is the meaning of any way?

The two-word phrase any way means “in any manner”: Finish the job any way you choose. If the words “in the” can be substituted for “any,” the two-word phrase is called for: Finish the job in the way you choose. If the substitution cannot be made, the spelling is anyway.

What did the Norton’s want to know about Carole?

Answer: The Norton’s wanted to know about Carole’s racial identity.

What is Carole talking about?

Answer. Explanation: In response to criticism of Tiger King that Baskin posted on her website, Goode told the Los Angeles Times that “Carole talked about her personal life, her childhood, abuse from her first and second husband, the disappearance of her ex, Don Lewis. … …

What is the name of Carole’s doll?


How were the others in the plane supportive of Carole?

The stewardess and some of the passengers overhear the conversation between Carole and the Nortons, in response someone from across the aisle speaks out about the insensitivity of the Nortons to ask a child about her race, a woman sitting in front of Carole asks her if she would like to sit with her, the stewardess …

What do you think Carole has learned about people and their attitude towards race do you think her innocent outlook on life will remain the same after the flight?

Ans 5) Carole’s has learnt that there are people who differentiate between colour of skin and are racist, all people are not like her parents. Indeed her thinking about people will change and will get matured outlook of life. Yes, it was thoughtless and insensitive of Norton’s to ask such a question.

What is the first thing Mr Norton notices about Kerala?

Answer: The first thing Mr Norton notices about Carole was her black doll. He was baffled to see it and exclaimed that he had never seen anything like that in his entire life.

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