What authority did this institution have in the colonies the king of England?

What authority did this institution have in the colonies the king of England?

The King of England established a council and council member both in America and England to provide Colonial Governance and management of the colonies and identified all council members. The council had the authority to benefit the natural resources of the colonies with part of the profits given to the king.

How did the Parliament deal with the colonies?

The result was that the British Parliament passed the 1764 Currency Act which forbade the colonies from issuing paper currency. This made it even more difficult for colonists to pay their debts and taxes. This law would require colonists to purchase a government-issued stamp for legal documents and other paper goods.

What was it Parliament wanted from the colonists?

In 1765 Parliament passed the Quartering Act that said the colonists needed to find or pay for lodging for British soldiers stationed in America. With the French and Indian War over, many colonists saw no need for soldiers to be stationed in the colonies. Britain also needed money to pay for its war debts.

What arguments does the declaration make in support of the colonies independence?

The authors of the Declaration of Independence made several arguments for declaring the colonies free of British control. Mostly, they argued that all men posses unalienable rights. The king violated these rights by passing unfair laws. Therefore, the king had broken the social contract with the colonist.

What was the strongest reason against independence?

The strongest reason against independence is going against a very powerful country and military. If the Americans were to lose, they could die.

What were the consequences of the Declaration of Independence?

One of the most important effects of the Declaration of Independence was that it allowed the Revolutionary War to be seen as a war between two separate countries instead of a civil war within Britain.

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