What caused the East Indian company to gain control of India?

What caused the East Indian company to gain control of India?

Cause: British restricted Indian-owned industries such as cotton textiles and reduced food production in favor of cash crops. Effect: British government assumed direct control of India; racism and distrust between Indians and the British intensified.

Why did the Dutch came to India?

History. Dutch presence on the Indian subcontinent lasted from 1605 to 1825. Merchants of the Dutch East India Company first established themselves in Dutch Coromandel, notably Pulicat, as they were looking for textiles to exchange with the spices they traded in the East Indies.

Is a viceroy royalty?

Viceroy is a form of royal appointment rather than noble rank. An individual viceroy often also held a noble title, however, such as Bernardo de Gálvez, 1st Viscount of Galveston who was also Viceroy of New Spain.

What are the 4 Viceroyalties?

The Spanish Americas had four viceroyalties:

  • Viceroyalty of New Spain.
  • Viceroyalty of Peru.
  • Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata.
  • Viceroyalty of New Granada.

What was a Spanish viceroy?

Viceroy (virrey) was the title given to the principal governors of Spain’s American colonies, as well as to the governors of the “kingdoms” (reinos) of peninsular Spain proper (e.g., Aragon, Valencia).

What is a vise royalty?

: the office, authority, or term of service of a viceroy also : the territory or jurisdiction of a viceroy.

What is another word for Viceroy?

In this page you can discover 15 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for viceroy, like: ruler, proxy, nabob, chief-executive, representative, Limenitis archippus, consul, governor, butterfly, satrap and vicereine.

What is the job of a viceroy?

A viceroy is an individual who rules a colony on behalf of the monarch or ruler such as the British viceroy of India. Their responsibilities include all developments and policies within the colony and all military conflicts and issues within region.

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