What color do Chinese wear to funeral?

What color do Chinese wear to funeral?

At Chinese funerals, white or yellow mums are appreciated, as white chrysanthemums symbolize lamentation or grief. Traditionally, Asian families wear white at the funeral and opt not to wear any jewelry. Red is considered the color of happiness, so the family does not wear any red clothing or accessories.

Is blue and white for Chinese funerals?

Those with closer relationships to the dead (i.e. sons and daughters) wear white garments, while more distant relatives wear garments in different colours of white, black, blue and green. The colours red, yellow, and brown are traditionally not worn during the mourning period, which may last up to three years.

What is the Chinese tradition when someone dies?

The traditions of a Chinese wake include: If the person has died at home, his or her coffin is placed on a stand within the home. If he or she died away from home, the coffin is placed on a stand within the home’s courtyard. Wreaths, photos, and gifts are placed near the head of the deceased as it lays in wake.

Why do Chinese wear white to funeral?

Why do Chinese wear white at funerals? The colour white is associated with death in China, as in many Asian cultures. The colour red is never worn for funerals, as it symbolises happiness and good fortune in Chinese culture (which is why it is the traditional colour of Chinese New Year and of Chinese weddings).

Why do Chinese not shake hands?

Handshaking, is a kind of silent language, which is especially more important in China, although it is a popularly used form of greeting in many countries worldwide. It is the common propriety on most social occasions as an expression of courtesy and greeting when people meet or say goodbye to each other.

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