What Colour was the sock that freed Dobby?

What Colour was the sock that freed Dobby?

The red socks show a Dobby motif, woven in gold metallic, while the grey leave it in no doubt that “Dobby is a free elf”, with sock motifs strewn liberally about the words. Dobby may be gone.

Why did Dobby become free?

Harry tricked Lucius Malfoy by presenting him with Tom Riddle’s Diary, shoved inside this sock. When Lucius Malfoy took the diary out of the sock, he threw the useless piece of clothing and Dobby caught it, making him free. Dobby kept that sock on until the day he died.

What date did Harry first meet Dobby?

We first meet Dobby at the beginning of Chamber of Secrets, when Harry finds the house-elf causing mayhem in his bedroom at 4 Privet Drive.

How old is Dobby?

Born June 28, year unknown
Died March, 1998
Species House Elf

What were Sirius Black’s last words?

Sirius Black I will truly never, ever get over this one. I cried more at Order of the Phoenix than maybe any other book, and I’m not sorry about it. Last words: “Come on, you can do better than that!”

What were Lord Voldemort’s last words?

Kill me, then, Voldemort! You will not win, you cannot win! The wand will never, ever be yours!

What are Snape’s last words?

12. Snape’s Last Words. In the [Deathly Hallows] book, Snape’s dying words to Harry were “Look at me”. Right then we did not realize the significance of his words but in the very next chapter when Harry goes through Snape’s memories in the Pensieve, he comes to know how much Snape loved Lily.

What were Dobby’s first and last words?

When Dobby died in Harry’s arms he said, “Dobby is happy to be with his friend, HARRY POTTER.” Dobby’s first and last words were “Harry Potter”. Rest in peace, Dobby, the free elf.

What are the last words of Harry Potter?

Last line of Harry Potter: “The scar had not pained Harry for 19 years. All was well.” There’s a lot of controversy about this—the last line of Harry Potter—the epilogue that ends the Harry Potter series. Some people love it and others find it cheesy.

What did Lily say to Harry before she died?

The Attack in Godric’s Hollow Lily goes to Harry’s room where he is in his cot [crib]. Lily’s voice: “Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!” Voldemort: “Stand aside you silly girl … stand aside now.”

Why does Snape say dont kill me?

Snape said “Don’t kill me” because at that point he was a Death Eater, while Dumbledore was the leader of the Order of the Phoenix.

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