What comes after a predecessor?

What comes after a predecessor?

predecessor. Antonyms: posterity, junior, successor. Synonyms: ancestor, forerunner, elder.

What is the predecessor of 8?

There are two methods to find the before number. 1) Say the counting numbers and stop at the number up to which you have to find the before number. Example : Find the before number of 9 . Say 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 so before 9 we said 8 so 8 is the predecessor of 9.

What is the opposite of successor?

Opposite of someone or something replaces another. predecessor. ancestor. parent. forebear.

Is preceding before or after?

As an adjective, preceding is always used before a noun, as in the preceding chapter. Preceding can also be used as the continuous tense (-ing form) of the verb precede, which means to come before. In most cases, the opposite of preceding is following, meaning coming after.

What does immediately before mean?

preceding, antecedent, foregoing, previous, prior, former, anterior mean being before. preceding usually implies being immediately before in time or in place. the preceding sentence antecedent applies to order in time and may suggest a causal relation.

What is preceding period?

British English: preceding /prɪˈsiːdɪŋ/ ADJECTIVE. You refer to the period of time or the thing immediately before the one that you are talking about as the preceding one.

What does preceding 2 years mean?

“TWO YEARS IMMEDIATELY PRECEDING THE DATE” means: measuring BEFORE the specified date; the time of two years. “immediately” gives the definition of =DIRECTLY BEFORE.

What is the meaning of preceded by and followed by?

‘Preceded by’ means something is going before the subject. ‘Followed by’ means something is following the subject.

What does preceding mean in law?

adj prenominal going or coming before; former. proceeding, precedent, precede, precedency. copyleft.

What does procede mean?

1. to move or go forward or onward, esp. after stopping. 2. to carry on or continue any action or process.

What does it mean to be preceded by someone?

transitive verb. 1 : to surpass in rank, dignity, or importance. 2 : to be, go, or come ahead or in front of.

What is the difference between procede and proceed?

They also have similar definitions, encompassing an idea of forward movement. This leads to some confusion. Precede is to go before. Proceed means to move ahead, to continue.

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