What compression golf balls do pros use?

What compression golf balls do pros use?

‘Firm’ compression golf balls include the Titleist Pro V1, Callaway Chrome Soft X, TaylorMade TP5, Bridgestone Tour B XS and Srixon Z-Star. In the ‘extra firm’ compression camp meanwhile is the Bridgestone Tour B X , Srixon Z-Star XV, TaylorMade TP5x and of course the Titleist Pro V1x.

What golf ball is 75 compression?

The Callaway Chrome soft sports a 75 compression rating (same as the Srixon Q-Star Tour above) but Callaway says that the combination of a soft cover and larger core give this ball an even softer feel that might be perfect for seniors or players with slower swing speeds.

What is a 70 compression golf ball?

It is generally accepted, a fully compressed golf ball is one that is half flattened at impact. A 70 compression ball should be used by a golfer whose club head speed with their driver is 70 mph, an 80 compression ball should be used by a golfer with an 80 mph club head speed, 90 with 90 and 100 with 100.

What is the compression of a Titleist?

On the other hand, if your swing speed is below 85 mph, then you have every reason to go for a lower compression rating….What Compression Is the Most Suitable – The Compression Chart.

Golf Ball Titleist Tour Soft
Layers 2 Piece
Compression Medium (65)
Swing Speed Mid

Do low compression golf balls go further?

Low compression golf balls are easier to compress at impact with the driver and that means there is a greater energy released on the ball. This in turn sees the ball travel farther than golf balls with a higher compression.

What is the compression of the Titleist TruFeel?

Golf Ball Compression Chart and Rank

Golf Ball Model Compression
Titleist AVX Mid
Titleist’s 2020 TruFeel Low
Titleist EXP-01 Mid
Titleist DT TruSoft Low

Are volvik golf balls legal?

Volvik Golf balls are legal. As impressive as their technology is, it is still perfectly acceptable to have them in your bag during tournament play. Volvik has a wide range of golf balls, and although they were originally known mostly for amateur golf balls, they continue to make more Tour level golf balls.

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