What country has a three times in its name?

What country has a three times in its name?


How many countries have 3 A’s in their name?

The names of all the countries in the world which have three A’s in their names are twenty-three(23) in number, and they will be presented in an alphabetical other.

Is there a country with 3 letters?

So we have Canada, Mexico, Panama, Guyana, Brazil, Belize, Serbia, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Greece, Poland, Russia, Cyprus, Israel, Kuwait, France, Latvia, Bosnia, Brunei, Bhutan, Tuvalu, Uganda, Angola, Zambia, Gambia, Guinea, Malawi, Rwanda, Monaco, Kosovo, and Taiwan.

What country has the letter A in its name?

World Countries List

Afghanistan Afghanistan Afghanestan
Aruba Aruba Aruba
Australia Australie Australia
Austria Autriche Österreich

What country has no letter A?


How many countries begin with letter A?

Countries that start with “A”

# Country Area (Km²)
1 Argentina 2,736,690
2 Algeria 2,381,740
3 Afghanistan 652,860
4 Angola 1,246,700

What country has no vowels in its name?


What country has Aeiou?

Can you name the countries with at least 4 different vowels in their names?

Vowels Country % Correct
aeiou Democratic Republic of the Congo 77.5%
aiou South Africa 71.5%
aeiu United Arab Emirates 68.7%
aeou South Korea 66%

What is the longest word in English without a vowel?


How long was the longest spelling bee?

Third place went to Mary Gilliland, 13, of Fort Worth, Texas ($250 prize), who failed to properly spell eudaemonic in the 23rd round. Jolitta Schlehuber placed fourth, but returned to win the next year. The competition lasted from 9 am until 6:55 pm, and was the longest in the competition’s history.

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