What degree is a Cobra S2 gap wedge?

What degree is a Cobra S2 gap wedge?

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Specs: Cobra S2 Iron Set
Model Loft° Length “
GW 49.0 35.75
SW 55.0 35.50
LW 60.0 35.50

What degree is my Cobra sand wedge?

A high-lofted club, such as a sand wedge would have a loft somewhere about 55-degrees. Lob wedges can go as high as 64-degrees.

How far should you hit a sand wedge?

A typical 56-degree sand wedge should go about 80 yards for a golfer with average swing speed. Players with slow swing speed are going to be closer to 50-60 yards for a sand wedge shot. It is not very often that a player will use a full swing sand wedge shot to approach a green.

Should I carry a 60 degree wedge?

Absolutely! In fact, I would recommend utilizing your 60 degree in the sand even over your 54 or 56 degree sand wedge. If you have a longer bunker or sand shot, then utilizing a 50, 52, 54, or 56 is perfectly fine, but on those short, difficult sand shots, get your 60 degree wedge out and splash it out of the sand.

Should I use a 56 or 60 degree wedge?

When chipping around the green, golfers like to use a 56-degree wedge when in a sand bunker or when faced with a longer chip. Golfers use a 60-degree wedge when a chip requires the golf ball elevate quickly and land softly with little roll.

How far will a 48 degree wedge go?

48 Degree Wedge Distance (Pitching Wedge) A 48 degree wedge distance which would be a pitching wedge would typically travel 120 yards for most amateur golfers and around 140 yards for professionals.

What club would most golfers likely hit from 100 yards?

How to Know Which Golf Club to Use

Club Men’s Average Distance Women’s Average Distance
9-iron 120 yards 100 yards
Pitching wedge 110 yards 90 yards
Sand wedge 90 yards 80 yards
Lob wedge 65 yards 6 yards

What club should I use from 100 yards?

The gap wedge is built with around 50–52 degrees of loft, and that is the perfect angle for most players to get one hundred yards of distance. If you have a very fast swing speed, you will likely be able to hit your sand wedge about 100 yards.

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